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LEVC L380 (Xspace) Price and Specs

Last updated: 07 February 2024
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LEVC Manufacturing Company
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LEVC L380 (Xspace) price

LEVC L380 (Xspace) Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new LEVC L380 (Xspace).

LEVC L380 (Xspace) price *:

85000 US$

manufactured inChina
sales start2024
range (km) 675
battery (kWh)116
bus typeMINIvan
passengers (qty)8
SEATs (qty)8

* MINImum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

The LEVC L380, a prodigious electric multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) crafted by the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), heralds a new era in the electric vehicle (EV) domain. With an asking price of $85,000 and production roots in China, this vehicle is Poised for a grand unveiling in 2024. Embodying opulence, capaciousness, and efficiency, the L380 emerges as an exemplary choice for both individual and corporate applications. This detailed overview will illuminate the L380’s specifications, aesthetics, and functionalities, thereby cementing its status as a vanguard in the electric MINIvan sector.

Specifications and Performance of the LEVC L380

The L380’s specifications are an eloquent testament to LEVC’s dedication to performance and efficiency:

  • Journey Endurance and Power Source: Furnished with a robust 116 kWh battery, the L380 boasts a formidable range of 675 km, positioning it among the most adept electric MPVs for extended voyages. Its considerable endurance is augmented by a potent 200 kW (270 hp) electric motor, ensuring seamless and agile performance.
  • Vehicle Classification and Spatial Dynamics: As an expansive, high-end minivan, the L380 comfortably accommodates up to eight occupants, rendering it an ideal selection for families, upscale transit services, or commercial endeavors demanding substantial space.

Design Philosophy: ExTern" title="Tern Company">Ternal and Internal

The L380’s design ingeNIOusly melds functionality with luxury:

  • ExTernal Visage: Measuring 5316 x 1998 x 1940 mm with a wheelbase of 3185 mm, the L380’s dimensions underSCOre its expansive and authoritative stance. Its contemporary, streamlined design mirrors its luxurious inclination and state-of-the-art electric propulsion system.
  • Internal Elegance and Amenities: The L380’s interior is a sanctuary of comfort and luxury, featuring a capacious cabin with SEATing arranged in a 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 configuration. Its passenger-centric design is accentuated by opulent finishes and meticulous attention to detail.

Market Placement and Pricing

Priced at $85,000, the LEVC L380 positions itself as a premium electric MPV within the luxury market. Its fusion of advanced technology, ample interior, and remArka ble performance makes it an attractive proposition for those in pursuit of an upscale electric vehicle experience.

Comprehensive Evaluation: The LEVC L380

The LEVC L380 distinguishes itself as a formidable contender in the electric MPV landscape, offering an unparalleled amalgamation of luxury, efficiency, and spaciousness. Its state-of-the-art features, extensive range, and passenger-centric comforts render it apt for diverse applications, ranging from luxury conveyance to familial excursions. The L380 epitomizes LEVC’s ambition in broadening its electric vehicle spectrum, showcasing the immense possibilities within the luxury minivan segment.

As the electric vehicle market burgeons, the LEVC L380 stands out for its blend of innovation, dynamism, and opulence. It exemplifies LEVC’s vision of sustainable, high-end transportation solutions, offering a glimpse into the future of electric mobility in the luxury minivan market. The LEVC L380 transcends the conventional electric vehicle paradigm; it is a testament to what can be achieved when electric efficiency coalesces with luxury and roominess.

Manufacturer: LEVC

LEVC L380 (Xspace) Video Review

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