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Electric Vehicle Market Trends

Currently, internal combustion engines have practically reached their theoretical limit in terms of efficiency and environmental performance, and further significant improvement in these indicators is almost impossible.

While the prospects for the development and improvement of automobile electric motors and batteries seem to be very extensive, and the volume of resources required for such development currently have negative dynamics.

All this allows us to confidently predict a decrease in the share of cars with internal combustion engines in the future and an increase in the number of electric vehicles.

Research on the environmental friendliness of electric vehicles in comparison with conventional cars in the world is carried out regularly and to date, experts have not come to a consensus about the environmental friendliness of electric vehicles.

The conclusion about the environmental friendliness of electric vehicles in comparison with cars with an internal combustion engine has yet to be made, research continues, and sooner or later the world community will come to a common "denominator". However, it is already clear, given the share of environmental pollution, that the use of electric vehicles as the main transport will gain popularity. But not everything is so simple, because the cost of such a car is above average.

Analysts from the auto industry are convincing that a turning point will come and that there will be a massive introduction of electric vehicles. As mentioned above, the state will stimulate the purchase of such cars with various benefits and government subsidies.

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The MOTORWATT electric vehicle database contains data on electric vehicle manufacturers and key features of currently produced electric vehicles. If you represent an electric vehicle manufacturer and would like to place your company information in the MOTORWATT database, please contact us via the feedback form and we will help you.

Electric Vehicles advantages:

  • Safety for the urban environment. Zero exhaust means cleaner air around us.
  • Less noise - living in large cities with electric transport is much more comfortable.
  • Simplified design - repairs are less expensive and take less time.
  • Better dynamics. Maximum torque is reached at low revs, and the electric car takes off at traffic lights.
  • Safety. The center of gravity is shifted downward where the battery is. Because of this, electric vehicles roll over less often and are better controlled during harsh maneuvers.

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The MOTORWATT Electric Vehicle Database contains the main types of electric vehicles and their basic characteristics, as well as information about existing manufacturers.

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