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Electric Vehicle Database


The EV database is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in electric vehicles. With its extensive collection of EV information, user-friendly tools, and up-to-date news, it's no wonder this platform has become the go-to source for both potential buyers and EV enthusiasts alike. The MOTORWATT project invites all manufacturers of electric vehicles to cooperate. 

EV Database Categories

Electric Cars & SUVs

Electric Cars & SUVs


Electric Motorcycles

Electric Bicycles and Scooters

Electric Bicycles & Scooters

Electric Trucks & Cargo Vans

Electric Trucks & Cargo Vans

Electric Buses

Electric Buses & Vans

Electric Golfcarts

Electric Golfcarts & Lifters

EV Charging Station

EV Charging Stations

Flying Electric Vehicles

Flying Electric Vehicles

Electric Water Vehicles

Electric Water Vehicles

Snowmobiles & Quadricycles

Snowmobiles & Quadricycles

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Electric Gyroscooters

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EV Batteries & Accessories

EV Batteries & Accessories

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New Electric Cars and SUVs

Dongfeng Aeolus Sky EV01 review

Dongfeng Aeolus Sky EV01

price: 20660 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)530
battery (kWh)62
Dayun Yuehu S1 review
Dayun Automobile logo

Dayun Yuehu S1

price: 6730 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)330
battery (kWh)32
Dayun YUANZHI M1 EV review
Dayun Automobile logo


price: 22570 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)550
battery (kWh)90
Chery Arrizo e review
CHERY logo

Chery Arrizo e

price: 20930 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)455
battery (kWh)53
Bestune Xiaoma review
Bestune logo

Bestune Xiaoma

price: 3710 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)170
battery (kWh)14
BAW Yuanbao review
BAW logo

BAW Yuanbao

price: 4100 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)220
battery (kWh)17
BAW Jiabao review
BAW logo

BAW Jiabao

price: 5500 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)205
battery (kWh)17
Baojun Yunduo review
Baojun logo

Baojun Yunduo

price: 11850 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)460
battery (kWh)50
ArcFox Alpha S5 review

ArcFox Alpha S5

price: 24140 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)708
battery (kWh)79
ArcFox Alpha T5 review

ArcFox Alpha T5

price: 18060 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)660
battery (kWh)79
Fang Cheng Bao Bao 8 review
Fang Cheng Bao logo

Fang Cheng Bao Bao 8

price: 70000 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)1200
Kia EV3 Long Range review
KIA logo

Kia EV3 Long Range

price: 46700 $
manufactured inSouth Korea
range (km)515
battery (kWh)81

New Electric Buses and Vans

Changan Star 9 EV review
CHANGAN Auto logo

Changan Star 9 EV

price: 18310 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)220
battery (kWh)36
Mercedes eVito Tourer Long review

Mercedes eVito Tourer Long

price: 78260 $
manufactured inGermany
range (km)355
battery (kWh)90
Maxus MIFA 7 review
Maxus logo

Maxus MIFA 7

price: 36100 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)605
battery (kWh)90
Xpeng X9 review
XPENG logo

Xpeng X9

price: 54900 $
manufactured inChina
range (km) 570
battery (kWh) 140

New Electric Trucks and Cargo Vans

Changan Lantuozhe EV review
CHANGAN Auto logo

Changan Lantuozhe EV

price: 38600 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)405
battery (kWh)65
Canoo Pickup Truck review
Canoo logo

Canoo Pickup Truck

price: 35000 $
manufactured inUSA
range (km)400
battery (kWh)80
Freightliner eCascadia review
Freightliner logo

Freightliner eCascadia

price: 139000 $
manufactured inUSA
range (km)400
battery (kWh)550
JAC Hunter EV review

JAC Hunter EV

price: 25300 $
manufactured inChina
range (km)500
battery (kWh)88

New EV Charging Stations

EVCOME OCPP 1.6J Smart Charging review

EVCOME OCPP 1.6J Smart Charging

manufactured inChina
power (kW)11
Shorepower Grizzl-E Home Level 2 EV Charging Station review
Shorepower logo

Shorepower Grizzl-E Home Level 2 EV Charging Station

manufactured inCanada
power (kW)24
EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3 review
EO Charging logo

EO Charging EO MINI PRO 3

manufactured inUnited Kingdom
power (kW)7.2
Heliox Rapid 150 kW review
Heliox logo

Heliox Rapid 150 kW

manufactured inNetherlands
power (kW)150

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What is an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are automobiles powered by electric motors, using energy typically stored in rechargeable batteries. Unlike traditional vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel, EVs operate on clean energy, offering a quieter, smoother ride with lower operating costs.

What is an Electric Vehicle Database?

Electric Vehicle Database is a curated collection that catalogs electric vehicles (EVs), detailing models, specifications, performance metrics, and technological advancements. It serves as a key resource for enthusiasts, buyers, and researchers aiming to track the EV industry's progress.

Distinctive Attributes of the EV Database

Decision-Making Simplified: Vehicle Comparison Utility

The database features a user-centric tool that facilitates the comparison of electric vehicles across multiple facets, including driving range, charging duration, and pricing. It grants users the capacity to make choices that resonate with their individual requirements and budgetary considerations.

Charging Solutions at Your Fingertips: The Charging Station Locator

For prospective EV owners, the proximity and availability of charging infrastructure are often pressing concerns. To address this, the database provides an updated atlas of charging points across the globe. This enables users to locate chargers by area, type, and status of operation, assuring that drivers are never left without the means to recharge.

Get Charged Up: Charging Station Finder

One of the main concerns for potential EV owners is finding charging stations. The EV database addresses this issue by providing a regularly updated map of charging stations worldwide. Users can search by location, type of charger, and availability.

EV Charging Station Near Me

EV Charging Station Near Me

Find an Electric Vehicles Charging Stations or Electric Vehicle Charger near me
To find an Electric Charging Station around just enter your current location (e.g. New York).

New EV Manufacturers