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EV Producer KIA

«KIA» EV Producer

At Kia, we believe in progress through innovation at every stage of vehicle design and development—from forward-thinking driver assistance systems1 to state-of-the-art safety advancements, from leading-edge Alternative Fuel Vehicles to heart-pounding performance, and from advanced mobile connectivity to superior driver comfort features. Looking to the future, we are set to launch 16 new advanced powertrain vehicles by 2025, including a range of new hybrids and EVs.

At Kia, we believe in building great cars while building an inclusive culture in which the diversity of our team members, dealers, customers and partners is a key ingredient to sustained success. We are committed to working hard so that we can consistently demonstrate how we support this vision through all we do. We believe that when we give it everything, we can achieve anything.

Published on 26 October 2021

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