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Opel Combo-e Life Price and Specs

Last updated: 17 December 2023
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What is OPEL?
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  • Opel Combo-e Life price
  • Opel Combo e Life review
  • Opel Combo e Life specs
  • Opel Combo e Life exterior
  • Opel Combo e Life range
  • Opel Combo e Life overview
  • Opel Combo e Life interior
  • Opel Combo e Life inside

Opel Combo-e Life Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Opel Combo-e Life

Opel Combo-e Life price:

US$ 43000

manufactured inGermany
sales start2021
range (km)235
battery (kWh)50
bus typeminivan
passengers (qty)7
seats (qty)7

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Opel Combo-e Life Video Review

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Video Review on Opel Combo-e Life
Video review

Exploring the Opel Combo-e Life

Enter the Opel Combo-e Life: a German-engineered marvel that redefines the electric vehicle (EV) domain with its spacious sanctuary, driving pleasure, and commitment to green technology. Unveiled in 2021, this electric minivan emerges as the perfect ally for families and collectives on a quest for sustainable, yet comfortable, mobility solutions. In the ensuing sections, we shall dissect its features, price, and what sets it apart from the crowd.

Specs of the Opel Combo-e Life

Performance and Range

Diving into the beating heart of the Opel Combo-e Life, a 50 kWh lithium-ion powerhouse breathes life into it, promising a commendable journey of up to 235 kilometers (circa 146 miles) on a single charge. This range equips it amply for daily spins and extended familial escapades alike. Beyond the tranquility and smoothness it introduces to rides, the electric prowess significantly dials down emissions, contributing positively to our blue planet.

Opel Combo-e Life's Pricing

Cost-Effectiveness and Value

Tagged at $43,000 before any governmental levies and bespoke preferences, the Opel Combo-e Life competes fiercely in the electric minivan arena. This pricing mirrors a fine equilibrium between cutting-edge technology and user-focused innovations, presenting itself as a prudent choice for cost-aware households pivoting towards eco-conscious vehicles.

A Glimpse into Opel Combo-e Life's Interior

Roomy and Cozy

Architected to comfortably house seven souls, the Opel Combo-e Life's interior exudes spaciousness and adaptability. Its cabin's configuration can metamorphose to meet changing needs of passengers and luggage alike, ensuring a snug voyage for everyone aboard. Comfort is paramount in its design philosophy with an additional sprinkle of contemporary infotainment for an elevated in-vehicle ambiance.

Examining the Opel Combo-e Life Exterior

Functional Aesthetics

The external guise of the Opel Combo-e Life is all about pragmatic flair and user-friendliness. Its stature is cultivated for easy navigation within city mazes while not scrimping on capacity for occupants and their belongings. Sporting a clean modern look, it underpins its credentials as a family-centric electric minivan.

Opel Combo-e Life at a Glance

Designed for the Contemporary Clan

With its inception in 2021, the Opel Combo-e Life stands as a beacon of progression in the electric vehicle landscape. It synergizes the functionality of a minivan with the eco-efficiency of electric propulsion, carving out niched space for itself in the familial transport sector.

Unveiling of the Opel Combo-e Life

Welcoming a Fresh Epoch

The christening of the Opel Combo-e Life in 2021 signaled a pivotal moment in the flourish of electric family-oriented vehicles. This milestone underscores a collective stride towards alternatives that are kinder to our environment, reimagining the future of family mobility.

Feedback on the Opel Combo-e Life

Perceptions and Experiences

The whispers in the wind paint a glowing picture of the Opel Combo-e Life – with its confluence of spaciousness, functionality, and green credentials, it has struck a chord among the electric minivan segment. Praised for its capacity to cater to the diverse requirements of modern households, it delivers a dependable and serene motoring encounter.

The Opel Combo-e Life emerges not just as another electric vehicle but as a harbinger of a greener, more adaptable future for family transportation. Through its synthesis of electric efficiency, commodious innards, and pragmatic design, it appeals to those in pursuit of an environmentally friendly yet utilitarian conveyance. In an age leaning more towards sustainable locomotion, the Opel Combo-e Life carves its legacy, championing a blend of comfort, utility, and ecological stewardship.