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Fiat 500e Cabrio Price and Specs

Last updated: 09 November 2023
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  • Fiat 500e Cabrio price
  • Fiat 500e Cabrio review
  • Fiat 500e Cabrio overview
  • Fiat 500e Cabrio exterior
  • Fiat 500e Cabrio new
  • Fiat 500e Cabrio electric
  • Fiat 500e Cabrio interior
  • Fiat 500e Cabrior inside

Fiat 500e Cabrio Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Fiat 500e Cabrio

Fiat 500e Cabrio price:

US$ 32710

manufactured inItaly
sales start2019
range (km)320
battery (kWh)32
max. speed (km/h)150
0 to100 km/h9
power (h.p.)118
car typehatchback / 3 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Fiat 500e Cabrio Video Review

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Video Review on Fiat 500e Cabrio
Video review

Fiat 500e Cabrio: A Fresh Breeze in Electric Hatchbacks

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in electric mobility, where the Fiat 500e Cabrio is not just a vehicle but a herald of innovation. This charming electric hatchback, brimming with Italian finesse, is available in two energy containers – a 24 kWh and a 42 kWh battery, offering a bouquet of choices for those with a green conscience. Not stopping at mere battery options, the vehicle enchants with three body styles: the quintessential Fiat 500e three-door, the practical Fiat 500e 3+1, and the piece de resistance, the Fiat 500e Cabrio with its retractable soft-top, a symphony of open-air and electrification.

Enchantment of Italian Artisanship

Rooted in the rich tapestry of Italian manufacturing, the Fiat 500e Cabrio begins its sojourn at an accessible price point of $32,710. Let us traverse through the engineering marvel that sets this electric charioteer apart in the bustling electric vehicle arena.

Alchemy of Power

Do not be misled by its demure silhouette; the Fiat 500e Cabrio is a beast when awoken. Nestled within lies a 118-horsepower electric heart, thumping with the promise of spirited sprints and a velocity ceiling of 150 km/h. Witness it leap from stasis to 100 km/h in a scant 9 seconds, a testament to its vivacious spirit.

Diadem of Battery Choices

The narrative of power continues with two prophetic battery choices: the 24 kWh, tailor-made for the urban labyrinth, offering a voyage of 180 km with a single embrace of electrons. Yet, for those tales that stretch beyond the horizon, the 42 kWh version unfurls wings for a majestic 320 km flight, a figure graciously bestowed by the WLTP test cycle's benediction.

Ode to Design and Aesthetics

The Fiat 500e Cabrio is not merely about what it encapsulates but also what it radiates. Behold a design so yielding to aerodynamics, it slices through the air with grace. Emblazoned with the iconic 500 insignias, it harks back to yesteryears while embracing tomorrow. Chrome whispers add a flirtation with light, making every glance a rendezvous. The cockpit, reminiscent of a modern bard's tablet, orchestrates tales of connectivity, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay accords. Even the 24 kWh variant, in lieu of an infotainment display, proffers a strategically placed smartphone holder, ensuring tales of connectivity continue unabated.

The Sanctuary Within

The interior unfolds as a realm of comfort, with wireless charging pad and twin USB-A ports as your consorts in keeping the energy alive. Seats and helm, yield to your touch, ensuring every journey is sculpted to your comfort. Despite its compact emblem, interior spaces surprise with their generosity, promising both crown and footman a regal experience.

Conduct of Charging

Re-energizing the Fiat 500e Cabrio is akin to a pit stop - swift and efficient. The 24 kWh battery consents to a 50 kW DC infusion, rejuvenating itself from barren to bountiful (0 to 80 percent) in a mere 26 minutes lithography. Opt for the 42 kWh consort, and the quickening imbues even faster with an 85 kW, curating full readiness in just 35 minutes for the same resurrection.

Writ of Pricing and Presence

The Fiat 500e Cabrio extends an invite to the electric era at a courtly sum of €23,500 for the 24 kWh artisan, a beacon for those conscious of both the environment and their coffers. For a sum of around €30,000, the Cabrio variant ushers in the allure of the skies. Albeit, the quill of final pricing paints in varied strokes across domains, making a venture to Fiat's sanctum or a dialogue with local heralds a prudent course for the most accurate recompense.

In the tapestry of electric motoring, the Fiat 500e Cabrio emerges not as a mere vehicle, but as a narrative of elegance, power, and environmental stewardship. It stands as a compelling epithet for those who seek not only to tread lightly upon the earth but to do so with panache and vigor.