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Kandi K27 Price and Specs

Last updated: 01 December 2023
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Kandi K27 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Kandi K27

Kandi K27 price:

US$ 15500

manufactured inChina
sales start2020
range (km)95
battery (kWh)17.7
max. speed (km/h)110
0 to100 km/hNo data
power (h.p.)67
car typehatchback / 3 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Kandi K27 Video Review

Logo of the Kandi Manufacturing Company
Video Review on Kandi K27
Video review

Kandi K27: An Electrifying Leap Forward

Stepping into the electrified arena of the future, the Kandi K27 drives straight out of Kandi Technologies’ ambitious workshop, marking a trail in the ever-thriving electric vehicle (EV) thicket. This Chinese-engineered automobile wraps innovation in a compact, eco-conscious package.

Unveiling the Kandi K27

The Genesis of Kandi K27

Birthed by Kandi Technologies, the Kandi K27 is not just another electric vehicle; it is a beacon of efficiency and affordability, tailored for the bustling lives of urban travelers and green warriors.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

With a design rooted in utilitarianism and minimalism, the Kandi K27 delivers a driving experience devoid of unnecessary bells and whistles. Its diminutive stature is its badge of honor, empowering it to whiz through crowded alleys and snug parking spots with élan.

Peeking Under the Hood: Kandi K27 Specs

The Powertrain and Performance

While it may not boast Herculean strength with its 67 horsepower motor, the Kandi K27 gallantly fulfills the daily missions of its patrons. Its cruise speed taps out at 110 km/h—a nod to safety over speed.

Battery: The Lifeforce of K27

At the core of the K27 lies its 17.7 kWh battery, a diligent workhorse offering a range of 95 km on a full battery, perfectly aligning with the driving demands of city life and succinct jaunts.

Price Tag and Market Presence: Kandi K27

Economical Edge

Tagged at a modest $15,500, the Kandi K27 emerges as an accessible gateway into the realm of electric motoring. Its savvy pricing places it as a frugal contender amidst pricier electron-guzzlers.

A Bargain in Electric Mobility

The K27’s sticker price, married with its stingy operational costs, tout it as a wallet-friendly epitome of electric vehicular evolution.

Interior Domain: Kandi K27 Analyzed

The Inner Sanctuary’s Blueprint

Intelligence and intentionality define the interior landscape of the K27. Despite its compact exterior, the inner realms surprise with a spacious and inviting cabin, demonstrating a shrewd use of space.

Ensuring a Plush Ride

Size declines to dictate the comfort levels within the K27. Outfitted with an array of amenities, this small titan ensures a ride that’s as snug as a hug, fitting for both fleeting errands and lengthy commutes.

Exterior Craftsmanship of the Kandi K27

Design Philosophy: Compact yet Mighty

The external guise of the K27 sports a functional yet fetching design. Its build not only lends itself to superior maneuverability but also carves a unique visual identity on the road.

Sturdiness Meets Sleekness

Constructed with resilience at its forefront, the K27 merges a rugged framework with an appealing facade. This amalgam of durability and charm epitomizes the vehicle’s practical allure.

The Dawn of the Kandi K27

The Rollout and Warm Reception

Launched with much anticipation in 2020, the K27 was quickly spotted as an efficient, wallet-friendly solution in the electric vehicle spectrum. Its entry has been hailed especially by those counting pennies and planet-loving patrons.

A World Embracing Electrification

Though its roots are in China, the K27’s branches have stretched globally, signaling a burgeoning affinity for budget-conscious EVs across borders.

In sum, the Kandi K27 positions itself as an astute choice for seekers of affordable, eco-efficient transport. Melding a compact stature with a reasonable driving range and an inviting price point, it stakes its claim amidst the electric vehicle fray. As the globe inches towards greener mobility, the K27 paints itself as a worthy ally for eco-minded urbanites and commuting cavaliers alike.