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Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Price and Specs

Last updated: 06 February 2024
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Lancia Manufacturing Company
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  • Lancia Ypsilon Cassina inside
  • Lancia Ypsilon Cassina price
  • Lancia Ypsilon Cassina specs
  • Lancia Ypsilon Cassina exterior
  • Lancia Ypsilon Cassina overview
  • Lancia Ypsilon Cassina range
  • Lancia Ypsilon Cassina review
  • Lancia Ypsilon Cassina interior
  • Lancia Ypsilon Cassina inside
Lancia Ypsilon Cassina price

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new Lancia Ypsilon Cassina.

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina price *:

37650 US$

manufactured inItaly
sales start2024
range (km)403
battery (kWh)54
max. speed150
0 to100 km/h8.2
power (h.p.)155
car typehatchback / 5 doors
drive typeRWD

* MINImum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Detailed Overview

The Lancia Ypsilon Cassina emerges as a beacon of electric innovation and Italian design excellence, set to captivate the market with its blend of high-end aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. This article endeavors to provide a detailed examination of the Lancia Ypsilon Cassina, from its specifications and design to its anticipated market impact, aiming to guide potential buyers and enthusiasts through the intricacies of this exceptional vehicle.

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Specs and Price Insight

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Specs: Engineering Excellence

Crafted with precision in Italy, the Lancia Ypsilon Cassina heralds a new era for the revered Italian marque. It marks the brand's electrifying return with a hatchback that promises not just mobility but a statement of luxury and sustainability. 

The vehicle boasts an impressive 403 km range on a single charge, facilitated by a robust 54 kWh battery. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in a brisk 8.2 seconds and a top speed of 150 km/h position it as a competitive entrant in the electric vehicle (EV) segment. This rear-wheel-drive marvel combines performance with efficiency, embodying the essence of modern electric driving.

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Price: Exclusive AfFORDability

With a starting price 37.650 US$ that sets a new benchmark for luxury electric hatchbacks, the Lancia Ypsilon Cassina is anticipated to occupy the mid-$35k range. This pricing strategy aims to position the Ypsilon Cassina as a premium yet accessible choice for those seeking the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and electric vehicle technology.

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Interior: A Sanctuary of Italian Design

The collaboration between Lancia and the iconic Italian furniture designer Cassina manifests in an interior that redefines luxury in the automotive world. Velvet SEATs adorned with high-class fabrics and a unique tray between the centre console and the multiscreen dashboard offer a driving enviroNMEnt that is as comfortable as it is elegant. The meticulous attention to detail and the choice of refined materials ensure that the interior of the Ypsilon Cassina is a haven of sophistication and well-being.

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Exterior: A Testament to Italian Aesthetics

The exterior design of the Lancia Ypsilon Cassina strikes a dElicate balance between heritage and innovation. A curved daylight running bar underlines the Lancia logo, while squashed Hexagonal Headlamps and a small front splitter add to its charismatic appeal. The vehicle's side profile is accentuated by swooping lines and distinctive alloys, merging black and silver Y-spokes. Glossy black wheel arches, darker window trim, and a rear spoiler complement the sophisticated Sapphire Blue color, culminating in an exterior that is both striking and elegant.

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Range and Release Date: Embracing the Electric Future

Boasting a WLTP combined cycle range of up to 403 km, the Lancia Ypsilon Cassina is at the forefront of the electric rEVOlution, blending timeless design with advanced technology. Scheduled for a grand unveiling on February 14th in Milan, this vehicle not only celebrates Italian craftsmanship but also heralds Lancia's commitment to innovation and enviroNMEntal consciousness. The release date symbolizes a new chapter for Lancia, with the Ypsilon Cassina limited edition Poised to leave an indElible mark on the electric vehicle domain.

The Launch of the Lancia Ypsilon Cassina: A New Dawn

The launch of the Lancia Ypsilon Cassina is set against the backdrop of Milan's sophisticated charm, offering a glimpse into the future of luxury electric mobility. The "1 of 1906" campaign underSCOres the exclusivity of this limited edition, inviting enthusiasts to be part of a unique circle of owners. This initiative not only showcases the vehicle's allure but also emphasizes Lancia's dedication to excellence, innovation, and tradition.

Conclusion: The Lancia Ypsilon Cassina as a Symbol of Renewal

The Lancia Ypsilon Cassina stands as a testament to the brand's illustrious history and its forward-Looking vision. With its advanced specs, luxurious design, and commitment to sustainability, the Ypsilon Cassina is more than just a vehicle; it is a symbol of Lancia's renaissance in the electric age. As the automotive world continues to EVOlve, the Lancia Ypsilon Cassina is Poised to lead the charge, offering a blend of performance, luxury, and enviroNMEntal responsibility that is unmatched in its segment.

This detailed exploration into the Lancia Ypsilon Cassina has aimed to illuminate the nuances of this exceptional vehicle, providing a resource for potential buyers and enthusiasts alike. As the Ypsilon Cassina makes its debut, it is clear that Lancia's journey into the electric future is not just about creating vehicles, but about crafting experiences that resonate with elegance, innovation, and a deep respect for heritage.

Manufacturer: Lancia

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Video Review

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