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Last updated: 06 July 2024
What is LEVC?
  • LEVC TX review
  • LEVC TX exterior
  • LEVC TX specs
  • LEVC TX range
  • LEVC TX speed
  • LEVC TX interior
  • LEVC TX inside
  • LEVC TX review
  • LEVC TX exterior
  • LEVC TX specs
  • LEVC TX range
  • LEVC TX speed
  • LEVC TX interior
  • LEVC TX inside
  • LEVC TX price
  • LEVC TX review
  • LEVC TX exterior
  • LEVC TX specs
  • LEVC TX range
  • LEVC TX speed
  • LEVC TX price
  • LEVC TX review
  • LEVC TX exterior
  • LEVC TX specs
  • LEVC TX range
  • LEVC TX speed
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LEVC TX Review ⚡

What is LEVC TX?

LEVC TX is an electric taxi designed for urban transportation. It features a spacious, accessible interior, advanced electric drivetrain, and extended range capabilities. Ideal for city commuting, it offers a sustainable, comfortable, and efficient solution for both drivers and passengers, enhancing the urban transport experience.

Price and Technical Specifications of the new LEVC TX

LEVC TX price:

US$ 46790

manufactured in  China 
sales start  2023 
range (km)  410 
battery (kWh)  66 
max. speed (km/h)  130 
power (h.p.)  161 
car type  SUV / 3 doors 
drive type  RWD 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Revolutionizing Urban Transportation with the LEVC TX

The bustling city streets require a vehicle that is both efficient and eco-friendly, qualities perfectly embodied by the LEVC TX. This isn't your typical taxi; it's a paradigm shift in urban transportation, merging futuristic design and pioneering technology. Primed to take on competitors like the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3, the LEVC TX is poised to dominate the market in urban electric mobility.

What is the LEVC TX?

The LEVC TX is designed meticulously for urban commuting, featuring a sophisticated electric drivetrain and an exceptionally spacious interior. Manufactured in China and launched in 2023, it's engineered to provide sustainable, comfortable, and efficient solutions for city dwellers. A beacon of innovation, the LEVC TX promises to elevate the urban transport experience for both drivers and passengers.

Design and Features

A glance at the LEVC TX, and you'll be struck by its modern, sleek aesthetics. Its spacious, accessible interior guarantees a comfortable journey whether you're the driver or a passenger. The LEVC TX is adorned with cutting-edge safety features and advanced technology, ensuring each ride is smooth and secure.


Performance-wise, the LEVC TX excels with its quiet, efficient electric powertrain. The vehicle delivers an impeccable driving experience with its rapid acceleration and substantial range. Whether navigating through bustling streets or cruising on byways, it remains ever-reliable and prepared. The 410 km range means fewer stops for charging, making it an ideal companion for city commutes.


As our world shifts towards a greener future, the LEVC TX stands out with its zero-emission operations. It significantly reduces carbon emissions, contributing to a healthier environment. This makes the LEVC TX not just a vehicle but a role player in the global movement for eco-friendly transportation.

Experience the LEVC TX

The LEVC TX is more than just an electric taxi. It's a symbol of progress and innovation within the electric vehicle domain. With its extraordinary design, exceptional performance, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, the LEVC TX paves the way for a brighter, greener future in urban transportation. Dive into the revolution of urban commuting with the LEVC TX today!

LEVC TX Video Review

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Video Review on LEVC TX
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F.A.Q. about LEVC TX:

What is the range of an electric vehicle on a single charge?

The LEVC TX offers a range of 410 km (255 miles) on a single charge, providing ample distance for daily urban commutes.

How long does it take to fully charge an electric vehicle?

Fully charging the LEVC TX typically takes around 6-8 hours with a standard home charger or around 2 hours using fast charging stations.

Are electric vehicles more expensive than gasoline cars?

Initial costs of electric vehicles like the LEVC TX, which is priced at US$ 46,790, can be higher than gasoline cars, but they offer savings in fuel and maintenance over time.

What are the maintenance requirements for electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles, including the LEVC TX, have fewer moving parts and generally require less maintenance compared to gasoline vehicles, reducing long-term upkeep costs.

What is the price of a car?

The LEVC TX is priced at US$ 46,790, making it competitively priced amongst other electric vehicles in the market.

What is a battery capacity?

The LEVC TX is equipped with a 66 kWh battery, providing an extended range and efficient energy usage for urban travels.

What is the top speed?

The LEVC TX has a maximum speed of 130 km/h (81 mph), ensuring swift and efficient urban commutes.

Can electric vehicles be charged at any charging station?

Yes, the LEVC TX can be charged at any compatible charging station, making it convenient for both home and public charging needs.

What are the environmental benefits of electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles like the LEVC TX produce zero emissions, reducing carbon footprints and contributing to cleaner air and overall environmental health.

How safe are electric vehicles in accidents?

Electric vehicles, including the LEVC TX, come equipped with advanced safety features and robust build quality, ensuring high safety standards in the event of accidents.

Comparison of LEVC TX:

LEVC TX: Champion of Urban Commuting

Imagine an electric vehicle so graceful and efficient, it not only navigates the throbbing arteries of urban life but does so with a panache typically reserved for much pricier counterparts.

The LEVC TX clambers its way atop the electric taxi podium with distinguished features such as a robust range of 410 km, a powerful 161 horsepower motor, and an accommodating price tag of $46,790. This automotive marvel begins its journey in the electric vehicle market this year, manufactured with precision in China. Meet the rivals also keeping the combustion engine apocalypse at bay: the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt EV, and Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus.


Commanding a range of 410 km, the LEVC TX places itself at the forefront, outpacing the Nissan Leaf, which offers a modest 240 km range. The Chevrolet Bolt EV stretches it to a competitive 416 km, but it's the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus that seals the deal with a mind-altering 430 km range. However, the LEVC's diligent engineering ensures no range anxiety even in the busiest metropolises.


Swiftness isn’t the LEVC TX's raison d'être, boasting a pragmatic 0-100 km/h time of approximately 7.7 seconds. Not lightning-quick but more than adequate for its urban taxi mission. The Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt EV both hover around 7.5 seconds, while the Tesla Model 3 zips ahead with an impressive 5.3 seconds. Yet again, speed is but relative in urban cacophony.


With a resolute 161 horsepower, the LEVC TX balances power and efficiency. The Nissan Leaf fields a 147-horsepower structure, while the Chevrolet Bolt EV flexes slightly more muscle at 200 horsepower. The Tesla Model 3 predictably swaggers with 283 horsepower, but the LEVC's power perfectly complements its purpose without unnecessary flamboyance.

Charging Time

Charging times could be the Achilles' heel or crowning glory. Here, the LEVC TX holds its own with a 6-8 hour charging time on a standard home charger and a brisk 2 hours with fast-charging options, ensuring it's ever-ready. Comparably, the Nissan Leaf achieves full charge in about 8-10 hours, Chevrolet Bolt EV in around 9.5 hours, and the Tesla Model 3 delightfully hurries in as little as 6 hours with standard settings. The LEVC offers efficiency without compromise.


Pricey electric indulgence or economical urban necessity? The LEVC TX artfully positions itself with a $46,790 sticker, making it sensibly priced compared to the higher-end Tesla Model 3 starting at $43,990. The Nissan Leaf rolls in at a friendly $31,620, while the Chevrolet Bolt EV rounds out at $36,500. Nonetheless, the LEVC TX defines value with its all-rounded elegance and purpose-built urban nirvana.

With the LEVC TX, urban commuting isn't merely a requirement; it’s an elevated experience! The TX's blend of ample range, robust power, responsive charging, and competitive pricing orchestrates a harmonious symphony of innovation, performance, and sustainability. Put your seatbelts on, urbanites—your cab of the future is here.