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Esagono Energia GECO SHUTTLE

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Last updated: 09 November 2023
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What is Esagono Energia?
  • Esagono-Energia-GECO-SHUTTLE
  • GECO SHUTTLE range
  • GECO SHUTTLE review
  • Esagono-Energia-GECO-SHUTTLE
  • GECO SHUTTLE range
  • GECO SHUTTLE review
  • Esagono Energia GECO SHUTTLE price
  • GECO SHUTTLE range
  • GECO SHUTTLE review
  • Esagono Energia GECO SHUTTLE price
  • GECO SHUTTLE range
  • GECO SHUTTLE review
Image credit: Esagono Energia

Esagono Energia GECO SHUTTLE Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Esagono Energia GECO SHUTTLE

Esagono Energia GECO SHUTTLE price:

US$ 39000

manufactured in  Italy 
range (km)  180 
max. speed (km/h)  40 
sales start  2015 
battery (kWh)  10 
passengers (qty) 
battery type  lithium-ion 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Esagono Energia GECO SHUTTLE: An Ode to Italian Elegance on Electric Wheels

Whisking through the cobblestone alleys of Italy, a novel contraption for the eco-aware aficionado makes its debut: the Esagono Energia GECO SHUTTLE. More than a mere conveyance, this electric cart is a testament to the melding of sustainable foresight with the fabled Italian knack for design.

Where Italian Craftsmanship Clasps Hands with Green Mobility

Since bursting onto the scene in 2015, the GECO SHUTTLE has etched its name as a paragon of dependable and accessible electric transit. Boasting an impressive 180-km trek per charge and a modest velocity peak of 40 km/h, it beckons to those in pursuit of a serene and effective voyage. Its 10 kWh lithium-ion power cell stands as a bulwark for longevity, catering to an entire day's adventure without the specter of perpetual recharging haunting every turn.

Fashioned for Ease and Approachability

In a world frenzied by complexity, Esagono Energia has sculpted the GECO SHUTTLE with an unyielding emphasis on the ease of the traveler. The ingress and egress are designed to be as hassle-free as possible, a boon for both the venerable and the young families alike. Its capacity to ferry six souls paired with a cargo hold in its rear endears it as a flexible option for family escapades or the conveyance of sundries.

The Quintessence of Pedestrian-Friendly Conveyance

Capped at an optimal velocity, the GECO SHUTTLE emerges as the quintessential ally for zones sanctified for foot traffic alone, such as verdant parks and historic city squares. Its aesthetic respects the hallowed nature of these spaces, all the while delivering a pragmatic approach to meandering through them.

Esagono Energia's Oath to Pristine Motility

Esagono Energia's dedication to a cleaner tomorrow shines brightly with the GECO SHUTTLE's adherence to European N1 and Italian Tourist Shuttle benchmarks. This not only heralds its superior craftsmanship and safety but also primes it for incentives designed to foster pollution-free mobility solutions.

A Tapestry of Italian Engineering and Sustainable Transport

The Esagono Energia GECO SHUTTLE encapsulates a herald of green transportation, woven with threads of Italian ingenuity. It ushers in an era of eco-friendly, pliable shuttles that promise a journey both comforting and respectful of our blue and green orb. As our gazes turn towards more sustainable horizons, the GECO SHUTTLE stands as a beacon, illustrating the boundless possibilities when innovation is fueled by a pledge to our planet and its denizens.

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