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Goupil G2 Price and Specs

What is Goupil Industrie?
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  • Goupil G2 price
  • Goupil Industrie G2 review
  • Goupil Industrie G2 specs
  • Goupil Industrie G2 range

Goupil G2 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Goupil G2

Goupil G2 price:

US$ 32300

manufactured inFrance
range (km)70
max. speed (km/h)30
sales start2020
battery (kWh)5.2
passengers (qty)2
battery typelead-acid

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Goupil G2 Video Review

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Video Review on Goupil G2
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Goupil G2: An Electric Utility Vehicle Unveiled

A Glimpse Into the Goupil G2

The Goupil G2, hailing from the land of croissants and sophisticated fashion - France, introduces itself as a juggernaut in the electric utility vehicle arena. With its keen blend of performance, efficiency, and adaptability, the G2 is tailored for an array of utilities. We're about to embark on a journey dissecting the Goupil G2, uncovering its myriad of features from the technological marvels under its hood to the aesthetical and functional elements that make it a sought-after choice among potential aficionados.

Peeking Under the Hood: Goupil G2 Specifications

The Convergence of Range and Velocity

Showcasing an appealing travel range of 70 kilometers coupled with a breezy maximum speed of 30 km/h, the Goupil G2 is nothing short of a dynamic duo of speed harmoniously married to mileage. This combination ensures the G2's prowess across a spectrum of roles, be it bustling city errands or the transport of light freight.

The Heartbeat: Battery and Charging Dynamics

At its core nestles a 5.2 kWh lead-acid battery, a testament to the G2's commitment to balancing reliability with cost-efficiency. This choice of power source not only augments the vehicle’s operational thriftiness but also ensures a robust energy supply for daily endeavors.

The Framework: Dimensions and Carrying Capacity

With its frame stretching to 292 cm in length and 124 cm in breadth, the Goupil G2 glides through tight enclosures with grace. Tipping the scales at 550 kg, it generously accommodates a duo of occupants, epitomizing its pragmatic and thoughtful design ethos.

Embodied Excellence: Goupil G2 Design and Construction

A Testament to Durability

The Goupil G2’s construction leverages the formidable HybriCore™ Chassis, shrouded in a sturdy polyester/urethane fusion, guaranteeing not only its toughness but also its longevity. Its compact dimensions don’t deter its resilience, making it adept for myriad environs.

Paramount in Safety

Prioritizing occupant security, the Goupil G2 comes fortified with 3-point safety harnesses and a dual-circuit braking mechanism to ensure premium safety. The addition of McPherson suspensions and 14-inch wheels accentuates its stability, ensuring a seamless transition across diverse landscapes.

A Closer Look Inside: Goupil G2’s Inner Sanctum

The cockpit of the Goupil G2, designed with a dual focus on operational functionality and comfort, caters comfortably to two occupants. The vehicle’s interior is characterized by ergonomic seating and an intuitive control panel, enhancing the overall user journey.

Exterior Elegance and Utility Combined: Goupil G2’s Outward Charm

The external facade of the Goupil G2 is a harmonious blend of aesthetic sleekness and practical design. Its dimensions are meticulously crafted for easy navigation in cramped spaces, while its build is a confluence of durability meets visual allure.

Assessing the Worth: Goupil G2 Pricing Insights

The Goupil G2’s price tag renders it an inviting option for those in the market for an efficient and multifaceted electric utility vehicle. It's a judicious mix of performance, design sensibility, and cost-efficiency elevates it as a valuable inclusion for assorted clientele.

Marking Its Territory: Goupil G2’s Arrival

Since making its grand entrance in 2020, the Goupil G2 has carved a niche in the sustainable transportation echelons, particularly among urban and suburban enthusiasts, attesting to its practicality and operational finesse.