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Smartcart SC2+2-48 Price and Specs

Last updated: 15 November 2023
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Smartcart Manufacturing Company
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  • Smartcart SC2+2-48 price
  • Smartcart SC2+2 48 specs
  • Smartcart SC2+2 48 range
  • Smartcart SC2+2 48 review
Smartcart SC2+2-48 price

Smartcart SC2+2-48 Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new SMARTcart SC2+2-48.

SMARTcart SC2+2-48 price *:

7900 US$

manufactured inUSA
range (km)177
max. speed (km/h)45
sales start2021
battery (kWh)1.35
passengers (qty)3
battery typelead-acid

* MINImum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

SMARTcart SC2+2-48: A Detailed Overview


The Smartcart SC2+2-48, a remArka ble product from the USA, is redefining the golf cart experience. Launched in 2021, it merges leisure with utility, offering a unique blend of features and performance. This detailed overview explores the nuances of the SC2+2-48, highlighting its specifications, design, and functionality.

Smartcart SC2+2-48 Specs: Power and Performance

Range and Speed

With a range of 177 kilometers and a top speed of 45 km/h, the Smartcart SC2+2-48 caters to a variety of needs, from golf courses to community navigation.

Engine and Battery

At its core lies a powerful 48Volt TOYOTA® 4kW AC motor, accompanied by a 1.35 kWh lead-acid battery. This combination dEli" title="Eli Company">Elivers exceptional torque and endurance, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

Design and Features

The SC2+2-48 isn't just about function; it's about flair. It features 10" aluminum wheels, sophisticated lighting, turn signals, high-speed rear ends, and robust bumpers. The painted rooftops and digital gauges add a TOUCH of elegance and modernity.

Interior: Comfort and Convenience

The interior of the SC2+2-48 is designed for comfort and ease. Accommodating up to three passengers, it ensures a pleasant ride with its ergonomic SEATs and accessible controls.

Exterior: Stylish and Practical

The exterior of the SC2+2-48 showcases a sleek design that doesn't compromise functionality. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for various enviroNMEnts, while its sturdy construction ensures durability.

Pricing and Value

Considering its advanced features and capabilities, the Smartcart SC2+2-48 is competitively priced. It stands as an attractive choice for those seeking a versatile and efficient golf cart.

Release and Impact

Since its release in 2021, the Smartcart SC2+2-48 has made a significant impact in the electric vehicle market. Its combination of style, functionality, and performance has garnered attention and acclaim.


The Smartcart SC2+2-48 is more than a golf cart; it's a symbol of innovation in electric mobility. Balancing performance, design, and functionality, it's an excellent choice for various applications, from leisure to utility. Whether for personal enjoyment or as part of a transportation fleet, the SC2+2-48 dElivers on all fronts.

Manufacturer: Smartcart

Smartcart SC2+2-48 Video Review

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