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Wuxi Everbright MOB-315

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Last updated: 17 November 2023
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What is Wuxi Everbright?
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  • Wuxi-Everbright-MOB-315
  • Wuxi Everbright MOB-315 price
  • Wuxi Everbright MOB-315 price
Image credit: Wuxi Everbright

Wuxi Everbright MOB-315 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Wuxi Everbright MOB-315

Wuxi Everbright MOB-315 price:

US$ 3200

manufactured in  China 
range (km)  35 
max. speed (km/h)  12 
sales start  2020 
battery (kWh)  0.96 
passengers (qty)  2 seats 
battery type  lead-acid 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Detailed Look at Wuxi Everbright MOB-315 Electric Golf Cart

Imagine whisking through city streets or meandering tranquil pathways in a vehicle that combines the essence of practicality with a dash of environmental friendliness. The Wuxi Everbright MOB-315 electric golf cart emerges as a beacon for urban dwellers and short-distance adventurers alike, offering an admirable synthesis of efficiency and utility. Let’s unravel the mysteries of its technical prowess, evaluate its cost-effectiveness, and examine its performance to aid your decision-making process.

Under the Hood: The Technical Marvels of MOB-315

Embarking on a closer examination of the Wuxi Everbright MOB-315, it's essential to decode the technical specifications that bolster its appeal among electric vehicle aficionados.

Journeying Further: Range Excellence

Boasting an autonomy of up to 35 kilometers on a sole charge, the MOB-315 caters perfectly to the urban commuter or those seeking a reliable chariot for succinct voyages. Such range is a testament to its commitment to serving the needs of modern riders.

Voyaging at a Balanced Pace: Maximum Speed

Cruising at a genteel velocity of 12 kilometers per hour, the MOB-315 strikes an exquisite balance between vigor and safety. Designed for navigating the urban jungle or serene landscapes alike, it offers a ride that's as smooth as a buttered crumpet.

Heart of the Machine: Battery Capacity

Powered by a stoic 0.96 kWh lead-acid battery, the MOB-315 might not boast the largest battery pack, but what it lacks in capacity, it makes up for in steadfast reliability and enduring performance on the urban battlefield.

Companionable Travels: Passenger Capacity

The MOB-315 presents a cosy den for two passengers, cementing itself as an ideal choice for those wishing to share their voyage. Whether it's a significant other or a comrade, this electric golf cart nurtures shared journeys.

Unveiling the Price Tag: Wuxi Everbright MOB-315

Understanding the monetary investment required for the Wuxi Everbright MOB-315 is crucial. With an attractive price point, it promises an economical expedition into the realm of electric mobility, providing stellar value for urbanists and voyageurs aspiring for an affordable and practical transport solution.

Gauging the Allure: Reviewing the MOB-315

A Symphonous Blend of Practicality and Efficiency

The design ethos of the Wuxi Everbright MOB-315 centres around blending practicality with efficiency. Its compact stature, paired with a seating arrangement for two, renders it an exemplary choice for navigating bustling metropolises or tranquillizing countrysides, satisfying the commuting whims of many.

Performance that Dazzles

Not to be underestimated by its demure dimensions, the MOB-315 boasts vigorous performance indubitably. With a 48V 3kW AC motor and a 48V/400A AC controller at its hearth, it assures an unwavering thrust, adept at urban escapades and mastering inclines, safeguarded by a minimalistic braking distance that prioritizes the safety of its voyagers.

The Epitome of Style

Marrying functionality with panache, the MOB-315 stands as an aesthetic chariot. Its resilient plastic ABS body shields its occupants, while creature comforts like artificial leather seats and a comprehensive suite of modern conveniences accentuate the journeying pleasure.

Lasting Build and Untroubled Maintenance

Constructed with durability as a cornerstone, featuring a high-strength welded structure and a galvanized chassis for longevity, the MOB-315 promises an unburdened ownership experience, significantly reducing the worry lines of its proprietors.

With qualities such as an encompassing range, comfortable accommodation for companions, and dependable performance enveloped in a stylish design, the Wuxi Everbright MOB-315 stands as an enticing choice for urban explorers and short distance aficionados. Electrify your daily travels or leisurely escapades with this distinguished electric golf cart.

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