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Munro M280 Price and Specs

What is Munro?
  • Munro M280 price
  • Munro M280 review
  • Munro M280 specs
  • Munro M280 range
  • Munro M280 overview
  • Munro M280 interior
  • Munro M280 inside
  • Munro M280 price
  • Munro M280 review
  • Munro M280 specs
  • Munro M280 range
  • Munro M280 overview
  • Munro M280 interior
  • Munro M280 inside

Munro M280 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Munro M280

Munro M280 price:

US$ 113580

manufactured inUnited Kingdom
sales start2024
range (km)322
battery (kWh)85
cargo capacity (kg)1050

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Munro M280 Video Review

Logo of the Munro Manufacturing Company
Video Review on Munro M280
Video review

Munro M280 2024: A Fresh Take on Electric Vehicles

Capturing the essence of innovation, the Munro M280 rolls onto the electric vehicle stage, courtesy of the Scottish visionaries at Munro Vehicles. Nestled within the avant-garde 'Series M' ensemble, this electric SUV and crossover marvel is poised to sprinkle a touch of novelty onto the fabric of the electric vehicle domain.

Dissecting the Munro M280 2024: From Power to Practicality

The Heart of Electric Might: M280's Powertrain

Armed with an 85 kWh powerhouse, the Munro M280 unfurls a commendable journey span of 322 km. This gallant stride across distances mirrors Munro’s allegiance to blending the realms of practicality with the finesse of electric propulsion.

Design: A Symphony of Strength and Swiftness

With a curb weight tipping the scales at 1050 kg, the M280 broadcasts a design philosophy where resilience shakes hands with nimbleness—an equilibrium pivotal for a chariot destined to conquer varied terrains and tasks.

Unveiling the Munro M280’s Key Attributes

Luminance in Robustness: Exterior Lighting

Adorned with LED projector brilliance, the M280 ensures visibility remains uncompromised, encapsulating safety and durability within its modular and easily serviceable lighting framework.

The Hallmark of Space: Cargo Capacity

Boasting a voluminous cargo bay capable of stowing 1600l/1050kg, the M280 emerges as the perfect stalwart for hauling hefty loads, catering to a spectrum of professional and leisure pursuits.

Fortification Galore: Safety Innovations

At its core, the M280 harbors a sanctum of safety, with its arsenal featuring a driver airbag, traction maestros, and ABS. Its low gravitational embrace, coupled with a roll-over bulwark, ensures fortitude in off-trail adventures.

Customization: Tailored to Taste

The Munro M280 champions adaptability and personalization, inviting customers to mould it to their unique needs or opt for a foundational archetype ripe for third-party enhancements.

Endurance and Maintenance: A Testament to Longevity

Engineered for an elongated lifecycle, the M280’s modular architecture eases the undertakings of maintenance and repairs, underscoring Munro’s dedication to sustainability and enduring value.

Chassis: Ruggedness Redefined

Constructed from corrosion-resistant steel, the 5mm ladder chassis stands as a bastion of heavy-duty endurance, promising to brave the most demanding of exploits.

Versatility: A Platform for Every Purpose

From forestry operations to emergency responses, the M280’s adaptable design and multiple configuration options render it a jack-of-all-trades amidst electric utility platforms.

All-Wheel Mastery: Permanent 4x4 Provision

Gifted with permanent 4x4 prowess, the M280 commands terrain with unflinching control and on-road traction, bolstered by a two-speed transfer case to escalate torque as situations warrant.

Construction: A Standard in Quality

Manifesting Munro's commitment to excellence, the M280 is sculpted from premium materials like billet aluminium, while minimizing plastic usage, thereby augmenting component lifespan and overall vehicle integrity.

The Munro M280 2024: Price Tag and Debut

Exuding luxury and advanced capabilities, the Munro M280 carries a price tag of $113,580. With sales commencing in 2024, this electric behemoth stands as a beacon to those venturing for an amalgamation of rugged utility and electric prowess.

Exploring the Horizon: The Munro M280 Ushers in a New Chapter

In the burgeoning landscape of electric utility vehicles, the Munro M280 2024 distinguishes itself by melding ruggedness, flexibility, and cutting-edge electric technology. It reaches out to a diverse audience, poised to redefine expectations within the electric SUV and crossover niche. As we witness the automotive industry’s tilt towards sustainable and adaptable solutions, the Munro M280 arises as not merely a participant, but as a trendsetter within this electrifying saga.