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Efacec QC 60 90 120 Price and Specs

Last updated: 26 October 2023
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What is Efacec?
  • Efacec QC 60 90 120 price
  • Efacec EV charging station
  • Efacec charging station
  • Efacec QC 60 90 120 price
  • Efacec EV charging station
  • Efacec charging station

Efacec QC 60 90 120 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Efacec QC 60 90 120

Efacec QC 60 90 120 price:

US$ 15200

manufactured inPortugal
power (kW)120
rated current (A)32
cable lengthunknown
connector typeCHAdeMO, CCS and AC Type-2
simultaneous charging3
IP rating56

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Efacec QC 60 90 120 Video Review

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Video Review on Efacec QC 60 90 120
Video review

Efacec QC 60 90 120: Toward a Future Fueled Differently

Unveiling the Charge of Tomorrow

Introducing the Efacec QC 60 90 120, a beacon from Portugal casting light on the path to the electric avenue. Efacec, a name synonymous with innovative charge, has sculpted this piece of technology to serve not just as a charger, but as a bridge between today and a cleaner, electrically-driven tomorrow.

Deciphering the Tech Essence

  • Birthplace: Crafted with precision in Portugal
  • Investment Insight: An accessible leap at $15,200
  • Juice: An eclectic spectrum spanning 60 kW to 120 kW
  • Current's Cradle: A sturdy 380V backbone
  • Ampere Affair: A steady flow at 32A
  • Umbilical Length: Awaiting confirmation
  • Union Points: Universally embracing with CHAdeMO, CCS, and AC Type-2 connections
  • Concurrent Catering: Reviving up to 3 chariots simultaneously
  • Fortification: IP56 - a shield against the elements

The Quintessence of Efacec QC 60 90 120

A Universal Key:
The conflux of CHAdeMO, CCS, and AC Type-2 connectors turns the Efacec QC 60 90 120 into a harbinger of inclusivity, welcoming a fleet of electric vessels.

Sculpted for Souls, not Just Sedans:
Efacec envisions a user-centric cosmos, where simplicity reigns supreme. Visual indicators ensure you're always in the loop, banishing the dread of unexpected stoppages.

The Reigns in Your Hands:
While it flaunts an astute knack for knowing when your steed is saturated with energy, it also bows to your command, allowing cessation at your convenience.

A Diverse Docket of Doses:
A tripartite offering of CCS-CHA-AC ensures a welcome for every electric voyager, no matter their creed or charge.

Setting the Efacec Standard

The Efacec QC 60 90 120 is not merely a charging station; it's a symphony orchestrated by Efacec's rich lineage of excellence and innovation, painted with strokes of sustainability. This machine is not just an appliance but a testament to a greener globe, promising a journey redefined.

A Broader Perspective

Far from being a mere plug-in point, the Efacec QC 60 90 120 stands as a lighthouse guiding towards an electrified horizon. It caters to both seasoned electric mariners and those just setting sail in the serene sea of electrification, promising an odyssey that’s as rapid as it is serene.