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Efacec QC 60 90 120 Price and Specs

Last updated: 26 October 2023
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Efacec Manufacturing Company
  • Efacec QC 60 90 120 price
  • Efacec EV charging station
  • Efacec charging station
  • Efacec QC 60 90 120 price
  • Efacec EV charging station
  • Efacec charging station
Efacec QC 60 90 120 price

Efacec QC 60 90 120 Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new Efacec QC 60 90 120.

Efacec QC 60 90 120 price *:

15200 US$

manufactured inPortugal
power (kW)120
rated current (A)32
cable lengthunknown
connector typeCHAdeMO, CCS and AC Type-2
simultaneous charging3
IP rating56

* MINImum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Efacec QC 60 90 120: The Ultimate Charging Experience

Overview: Charging Up The Future

Meet the Efacec QC 60 90 120: a cutting-edge charging station that symbolizes Efacec's commitment to rEVOlutionizing electric vehicle (EV) charging. Crafted in Portugal and steeped in advanced technology, this charging station is a blend of innovation, rEliability, and user-centricity.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Origin: Proudly manufactured in Portugal
  • Price Point: A competitive $15,200
  • Power: Dynamic range from 60 kW to 120 kW
  • Voltage: Robust 380V system
  • Current: Consistent at 32A
  • Cable Length: To be confirmed
  • Connector Options: CHAdeMO, CCS, and AC Type-2 ensure compatibility with a broad range of EVs
  • Simultaneous Charging: Powering up to 3 vehicles at once
  • Protection: IP56 rating – ensuring high resilience against dust and powerful water jets

Efacec QC 60 90 120 Highlights:

Universal Compatibility:
The inclusion of multiple connectors like CHAdeMO, CCS, and AC Type-2 guarantees a wide range of EVs can tap into the power of the Efacec QC 60 90 120.

User-Friendly Design:
With a design ethos centered around the user, the charging station offers a seamless experience. Clear battery status displays keep users informed, ensuring no surprises.

Flexibility and Control:
While the Efacec QC 60 90 120 is equipped with intelligent automatic charging completion, it also empowers users with the choice to end the charging cycle whenever they deem fit.

Adaptable Outputs:
The varied output combinations, including CCS-CHA-AC, pledge that every EV, regardless of its specific needs, can find its perfect match with this charger.

The Efacec Edge:

Being a product from Efacec, the QC 60 90 120 charging station brings with it the brand's legacy of excellence, innovation, and commitment to a sustainable future. This charger isn't just a product; it's an experience, a promise of unparalleled convenience, and an affirmation of the electric future.

In Conclusion:

The Efacec QC 60 90 120 is more than just a charging station. It's a beacon of the electric rEVO" title="EVO Company">EVOlution, designed to meet the evolving demands of modern EVs and their users. Whether you're an EV veteran or a new adopter, this charger promises an experience that's swift, smooth, and satisfying.

Manufacturer: Efacec

Efacec QC 60 90 120 Video Review

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Video Review on Efacec QC 60 90 120
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