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Ev Solutions TURBODX - 16 AMPS

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Last updated: 16 September 2023
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What is Ev Solutions?
  • Ev-Solutions-TURBODX---16-AMPS
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX---16 AMPS specs
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX---16 AMPS price
  • Ev-Solutions-TURBODX---16-AMPS
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX---16 AMPS specs
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX---16 AMPS price
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX - 16 AMPS price
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX---16 AMPS specs
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX---16 AMPS price
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX - 16 AMPS price
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX---16 AMPS specs
  • Ev Solutions TURBODX---16 AMPS price
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Ev Solutions TURBODX - 16 AMPS Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Ev Solutions TURBODX - 16 AMPS

Ev Solutions TURBODX - 16 AMPS price:

US$ 359

manufactured in  USA 
power (kW)  7.7 
voltage  220 
rated current (A)  16 
cable length  5 meters  
connector type  Type2  
simultaneous charging 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Elevate Your EV Charging Game with Ev Solutions TURBODX - 16 AMPS

Imagine a world where your electric chariot whispers into the embrace of electrons, refueling its spirit under your very nose. Welcome to the dominion of the Ev Solutions TURBODX - 16 AMPS, a contraption that harmonizes with the rhythm of modernity, engineering a spectacle of safety, amenity, and vigor. Within these scriptures, we shall voyage through the labyrinth of its engineering marvel, the affordability of acquiring such wizardry, and the distinct attributes that sculpt the TURBODX into a cornerstone in the citadel of EV charging.

Technical Mastery: The Sorcery Under the Hood

Crafted in the land of the free and home to the brave: The illustrious USA, the Ev Solutions TURBODX stands as a testament to American ingenuity and a standard bearer of quality.

Affordable Excellence: Tagged with an agreeable sum of just $359, the TURBODX presents an economical yet potent solution for the electric vehicle aficionado.

Let's dissect the mechanical inscriptions that set the TURBODX apart:

Power (kW): 7.7 Bestowing a power output of 7.7 kW, this charger pledges swift rejuvenation for your electric steed, slicing through the tedium of long waits.

Voltage: 220V Operating in the realm of 220 volts, the TURBODX syncs harmoniously with standard power infrastructures, rendering it an impeccable match for both domiciliary and communal charging stations.

Rated Current (A): 16 Delivered through a current of 16 amps, this charger unfurls a constant and steadfast stream of power, ensuring a safe and effective charge.

Cable Length: 5 Meters Gifted with a bountiful 5-meter charging cable, the TURBODX bestows flexibility and convenience in tethering to your electric conveyance.

Connector Type: Type2 Armed with a Type2 connector, the charger brandishes compatibility with an extensive array of electric vehicles, underpinning its adaptability.

Simultaneous Charging: 1 While it champions the charge of a single vehicle at a turn, the efficiency of the TURBODX ensures your chariot is primed and ready in a jiffy.

Safety Redefined: A Sanctuary for Peace of Mind

The TURBODX enshrines safety at its sanctum, embedding several stratagems to fortify your EV and abode.

Webasto Engineering: Forged by the hands of Webasto, a beacon of automotive supply globally, the TURBODX basks in the glow of prime innovation and enlightenment.

Thermal Detection: This apparatus is endowed with the art of thermal detection, a craftsman that vigilantly monitors and moderates temperature amid charging, warding off overheating and desecration.

Auto-Restart and Recovery: In the event of power perturbations, the TURBODX rises like a phoenix, restarting and recuperating autonomously, warranting an uninterrupted charging episode.

Ground Detection: With ground fault detection in its arsenal, this charger ensnares an additional safeguard, shielding against electrical malevolence.

UL and cUL Listed: The TURBODX charger is graced with the UL and cUL accolades, a proclamation of its safety for both indoor and outdoor majesties. It stands defiant against the whims of weather.

Warranty Assurance: A Vow of Serenity

Webasto, an entity of repute, bestows upon the TURBODX a 3-year warranty on both constituent and labor, a solemn pledge of satisfaction and the enduring spirit of their creation.

User-Friendly and Effortless Navigation

Conceived with the essence of simplicity and ease of use, the TURBODX promises a hassle-free charging escapade. Dispense with the need for auxiliary applications or convoluted configurations. Engage in effortless plug and play.

Cable Convenience: Endowed with a generous 15-foot charging cable, one finds oneself with ample reach to energize your EV, irrespective of its resting place, be it a sheltered garage or a public refueling hive.

Power Requirements: To tap into the full potential of the TURBODX's capabilities, it summons a dedicated 220/240V 40A circuit, cementing optimum performance.

In summation, the Ev Solutions TURBODX - 16 AMPS ushers in a new era for electric vehicle charging. Flaunting its impressive mechanical script, an unwavering allegiance to safety, and a design that beckons ease and simplicity, it emerges as an indispensable ally to every electric vehicle custodian.

Forsake not the caliber of your electric vehicle's charging ordeal. Entrust in the TURBODX and bask in swift, secure, and untroublesome charging for your electric chariot. With an entry price of merely $359 and the repute and warranty assurance of Webasto as its guardian, it marks a judicious choice for those whose inclinations lie with the finest.

Step forth into the tomorrow of EV charging this day with Ev Solutions TURBODX - the paragon that redefines excellence.

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