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Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim

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Last updated: 26 October 2023
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What is Elinta Charge?
  • Elinta-Charge-HomeBox-Slim
  • HomeBox Slim
  • HomeBox Slim EV charging station
  • Elinta-Charge-HomeBox-Slim
  • HomeBox Slim
  • HomeBox Slim EV charging station
  • Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim price
  • HomeBox Slim
  • HomeBox Slim EV charging station
  • Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim price
  • HomeBox Slim
  • HomeBox Slim EV charging station
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Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim

Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim price:

US$ 720

manufactured inNetherlands
power (kW)22
rated current (A)32
cable lengthunknown
connector typeMode 3, Type 2 socket
simultaneous charging1
IP ratingunknown

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim: A Leap Forward in Private Electric Vehicle Charging

On the hunt for an exquisite fusion of simplicity, cost-efficiency, and state-of-the-art technology in private EV charging solutions? Your quest concludes with the Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim. This critique will voyage through the essential technical specificities, cost implications, and offer an exhaustive scrutiny of the Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim, a product of Dutch engineering prowess.

Unveiling the Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim

Crafted for the selective electric vehicle owner, the Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim emerges as the elite solution for private charging demands. This avant-garde charging station stands out with its minimalist design, economical advantage, and a suite of innovative functionalities, securing its position as a preferred option for both personal and commercial use.

Adaptive Charging Endeavors

Boasting Mode 3 charging capabilities, the HomeBox Slim effortlessly outputs up to 22 kW of power. This adaptability extends to various contexts, be it residential, corporate, bespoke parking spaces, or nautic charging by the quayside, the HomeBox Slim exhibits unrivaled versatility.

Customizable Charging Options

The HomeBox Slim caters to a broad spectrum of charging requirements with its 1-Phase and 3-Phase charging modules, coupled with the choice of 16A or 32A current. This ensures a precise alignment with individual needs, heralding unsurpassed performance longevity, and faultless dependability.

Straightforward Set-Up

The simplicity of the HomeBox Slim's installation is remarkable. Whether opting for a wall-mount or pole-mounting, the adaptability in its setup affords you the liberty to harmonize installation with your specific environmental aesthetics.

Convergence with Photovoltaic Panels

A distinguished attribute of the HomeBox Slim is its seamless integration with solar panels, enabling the eco-conscious motorist to leverage green energy for EV charging. This symbiosis significantly diminishes ecological impact whilst simultaneously curbing electricity expenditures.

Bespoke Intelligent Features

Equipped with a sophisticated suite of intellective functionalities, including an integrated smart energy meter, RFID authentication, and diverse connectivity options like 4G, WiFi, OCPP protocol, and LAN, the HomeBox Slim empowers users with premier control and monitoring capabilities.

Customized Co-Branding Prospects

For enterprises aspiring to juxtapose their brand with the HomeBox Slim, Elinta Charge endows co-branding opportunities, enhancing corporate visibility hand-in-hand with this trailblazing charging solution.

Pricing and Value Proposition

At an inviting entry price point of $720, the Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim embodies an economically appealing selection for those desirous of a top-tier private EV charging facility. Given its exhaustive functionality, malleability, and integration potential, this expenditure represents a shrewd investment for discerning individual and business stakeholders alike.

The Future Threshold of Private EV Charging

Ultimately, the Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim epitomizes the next echelon in private electric vehicle charging solutions. Catering to an array of clients, from singular EV proprietors to enterprises and fleet overseers, this charging station is meticulously engineered to fulfill a broad array of charging demands. By opting for the HomeBox Slim, one not only secures a formidable charging unit but also aligns with the trajectory of private electric vehicle charging evolution. Elevate your charging escapades by considering the Elinta Charge HomeBox Slim as your companion today.

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