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Last updated: 05 October 2023
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What is Rolec Ev?
  • Rolec-Ev-WALLPOD
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD EV charger
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD EV charging station
  • Rolec-Ev-WALLPOD
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD EV charger
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD EV charging station
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD price
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD EV charger
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD EV charging station
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD price
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD EV charger
  • Rolec Ev WALLPOD EV charging station
Image credit: Rolec Ev

Rolec Ev WALLPOD Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Rolec Ev WALLPOD

Rolec Ev WALLPOD price:

US$ 1399

manufactured inUnited Kingdom
power (kW)7.4
rated current (A)32
cable lengthunknown
connector typeType 2
simultaneous charging1
IP rating65

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Revolutionize Your EV Charging with the Rolec Ev WALLPOD

In the ever-accelerating pursuit of greener transportation, the Rolec Ev WALLPOD emerges as a herald of charging convenience. This illuminating review will transport you through the marvels of a device that stands as a citadel of power, precision, and prowess for both the domestic driveways and the sprawling expanse of commercial establishments.

Main Attributes of the Rolec Ev WALLPOD

Behemoth of Power: 7.4 kW Charging Capacity

Unleash the fury of swift and potent charging with the WALLPOD's 7.4 kW power. The era of interminable waiting while tethered to an outlet is vanquished, courtesy of this goliath’s capability to rejuvenate your electric steed with haste and efficiency.

Guardian of Voltage: 220V of Robustness

Embedded within its core, a voltage of 220V courses through the WALLPOD, ensuring a stable and relentless stream of energy to your electric chariot. Trust in this sentinel to deliver an unwavering charging crusade.

Commander of Amperage: A 32A Feast

With an amperage capacity that rears its head at 32A, the WALLPOD is a universal ambassador, greeting a vast array of electric conveyances with open arms. Compact or colossal, your vehicle will find solace in its embrace.

The Lament of Cable Length: An Omission

Though the tale of the cable length remains untold, fear not, for the WALLPOD is sculpted with adaptability in mind, a chameleon in various realms of installation scenarios.

Conduit of Compatibility: Type 2 Connector Mastery

Adorned with a Type 2 connector, this bastion of electricity speaks a universal dialect, welcoming a plethora of electric vehicles into its fold with open arms.

Monarch of Monogamy: Single-Vehicle Charging

Forged with the vision of dedicated service, the WALLPOD shines its spotlight on a single knight at a time, making it a jewel in both residential courtyards and royal commercial enclosures.

Bastion Against the Elements: IP65 Certification

With an armor blessed by the gods to hold a formidable IP65 rating, the WALLPOD stands unyielding against the tempestuous whims of nature, ensuring that your noble steed charges in a cocoon of protection.

Monetary Investment: A Bargain at $1399

Valiantly priced at $1399, the WALLPOD is not just a mere contraption; it is an investment in exemplary charging infrastructure. This figure is a siren song for those in quest of supreme quality without unleashing a tempest on their coffers.

Why Should Your Chariot Rally Beneath the Rolec Ev WALLPOD Banner?

Alchemist’s Dream of Future-Proofed Features

A cornucopia of features future-proof your charging sanctum. From adaptive installations, commanding multiple charging conduits, to its dialogue with solar and wind’s whispers, the WALLPOD is a maestro of harmonizing present needs with future aspirations. Its seamless meld with intelligence, such as voice commands and over-the-air enhancements, positions it as a guardian of tomorrow’s charging odyssey.

Draped in the finery of safety, connectivity, and resilience, the WALLPOD is a beacon for those who navigate the ebb and flow of EV charging demands. Unassailable by the elements, a custodian of energy, and a champion of convenience, the Rolec Ev WALLPOD stands sentinel as an exemplar of charging excellence. An investment in this device is akin to anointing your electric steed with the regalia of uncompromising power and sophistication.

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