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Updated: 15 July 2024

What is ACC?

Automotive Cells Company (ACC) is a leading European company focused on the development and production of high-performance battery cells for electric vehicles. Committed to sustainability and innovation, ACC aims to accelerate the transition to electric mobility by providing efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly energy storage solutions for the automotive industry.

Company "ACC"

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The Energizing Pulse of Clean Mobility: A Chronicle of ACC's Journey

In the electrifying orchestra of modern clean mobility, few symphonies resonate as boldly as the one conducted by the Automotive Cells Company, more colloquially encapsulated as ACC. When the curtains rise on the grand stage of lithium-ion battery manufacturing, ACC stands under the spotlight, wielding the baton with the finesse and ambition required to power up the next generation of electric vehicles (EVs). Imagine, if we may, a future crafted from the very electrons that pulse through ACC's innovations - a future where the roar of engines is replaced by the quiet hum of progress.

Charting the Origin and Trajectory of ACC's Odyssey

From the fertile grounds of Europe's high-technology nursery, ACC blossomed, watered by the support and vision of titans such as Saft-TotalEnergies, Stellantis (conceived from the union of PSA-Opel), and Mercedes. In the labyrinth of the clean mobility revolution, these names stand as etched signposts guiding ACC towards its groundbreaking ambitions. Founded on a pledge to lead the cavalcane towards sustainable mobility, ACC not just talks the talk but walks the walk, ensuring that the batteries powering tomorrow's EVs are paragons of performance and environmental stewardship.

Gluing the Partnership Pieces Together

Imagine a sumptuous table where captains of industry—TotalEnergies, PSA-Opel, and the luminary Mercedes—gather, not for a feast, but to lay down the groundwork for what would become Europe's beacon of automotive battery innovation. Each of these entities, bringing to the table their unique savoir-faire, actuated ACC's ascension to the role of a European leader in the serialized drama of automotive batteries. It's an intricate ballet of safety, competitiveness, and unrivalled performance that ACC orchestrates in the electric vehicle technology space.

ACC's Architectural Ingenuity: European Manufactories of Tomorrow

Despair not at the thought of Europe's industrial future, for ACC has taken to the chisel and marble with zeal, securing the financing necessary to erect not one, not two, but three burgeoning factories across the continent. Like modern-day cathedrals dedicated to the gods of electromobility, these factories are more than physical structures; they are the hallowed grounds where innovation meets industry, propelling ACC not just into the annals of automotive history but into the promising dawn of an electric tomorrow. Each battery pack conceived within these walls is not merely a product but a proclamation of ACC's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what we dare imagine for the automotive industry.

The Genesis of Electrifying Mobility Masterworks

Within this burgeoning field of electrification, ACC stands as a connoisseur, blending the alchemic elements of performance, safety, and competitiveness to forge marvels of lithium-ion technology. As a sagacious yet audacious market contender, ACC's offerings are less ephemeral products and more lasting contributions to the grand tapestry of sustainable mobility. This trinity of new verdant factories signifies not just ACC's fortitude but heralds a new epoch where electric roads are paved with ACC's pioneering cells, shaping the umbral landscape of tomorrow's clean mobility. The journey forward, lit by the incandescent spark of innovation, promises to be as electrifying as the products that ACC endeavors to create.

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