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Updated: 14 June 2024

What is AEHRA?

Company "AEHRA"

⚡ Electric Cars Manufacturing Company.

AEHRA: Italy's Ambitious Luxury Electric Car Endeavor

In the world of automobiles, where electric dreams are becoming the day-to-day reality, certain stories beam brighter than others. Enter AEHRA, an electric automotive entrant, birthed by Hazim Nada, a scientist turned oil trader, and Sandro Andreotti, a Modena-born adrenaline junkie with an affinity for skydiving. United by a passion for flight, their leap from the familiar is nothing short of intriguing.

The Genesis of AEHRA: A Daring Dream

With a digital flag planted firmly at, AEHRA embarks from Milan, Italy, on a mission to sculpt a fleet of electric chariots so luxurious, they're destined to capture the hearts of a global audience.

A Visionary Roadmap: Unveiling Luxe in Electric Form

While the concept of luxury electric vehicles isn't exactly fresh off the press, AEHRA's Italian flair and ambitious timeline make it a stand-out. Promising an SUV and a sedan in a tight three-year frame, these machines are pegged for an autumn 2022 reveal, with the keys expected to be in customers' hands by 2025.

The Masterplan Revealed

Although AEHRA's dreams have yet to hit the pavement and its factory is still on the drawing board, founders Nada and Andreotti let slip that the venture's masterplan has been in the mix for over two years, pooling together a cosmopolitan council of automotive wizards.

An Asset-Light Strategy: The Digital Foray into Autos

Adopting an asset-light approach, AEHRA lays its bet on process over property. This strategy, echoing the success stories of leading digital corporations, aims to leverage cutting-edge auto-tech sans the burden of brick and mortar. Conversations with leading suppliers signal a promising start for this bold enterprise.

Envisioning Technical Marvels

Though tangible models are yet to grace our presence, AEHRA whets appetites with promises of marvel: over 800 kilometers on a single charge, exceptional performance, unparalleled space and comfort, all coupled with revolutionary technology designed to pamper even four NBA giants with ease.

Exploring Uncharted Territory: Redefining Electric Mastery

At the heart of AEHRA lies a belief in the untapped prowess of electric innovation. This conviction, nurtured by AEHRA's founding duo, aims to sculpt a new realm of passenger comfort and aerodynamic excellence.

Aspiration Takes Wing: The AEHRA Narrative

AEHRA, a name that evokes images of a celestial avian craft, soaring towards eternity. As we stand by for more revelations, AEHRA's high-flying aspirations, fueled by a mix of enthusiasm and wisdom, may well usher in a new era of luxury electric mobility.

In a time brimming with breakthroughs, AEHRA emerges as a beacon, its journey as riveting as the unexplored territories it seeks to claim.

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