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Alke: Pioneers in Electric Lorry Fabrication

Entrenched within the verdant landscapes of Northern Italy, Alke emerges as a colossus in the arena of electric lorry fabrication. Boasting over a quarter-century of expertise and a palpable footprint on the global stage, Alke fabricates type-approved electric road behemoths tailored for transport, logistics, and a myriad of multifunctional or specialized endeavors. The hallmark of Alke lies in its unyielding dedication to quality, performance, and dependability, propelling this titan to the zenith of the industry.

An International Footprint

Alke's electric lorries bask in international acclaim, with their dominion extending across more than 40 nations spanning the globe. This juggernaut prides itself on fabricating connections with industry behemoths, illustrious institutions, and exclusive locales, all while fostering quality and client elation at its core. Alke delights its clientele with avant-garde, dependable electric lorries that adeptly fulfill a kaleidoscope of operational exigencies.

Manufacturing Majesty

Spanning an impressive 11,000 square meters, Alke's manufacturing sanctum is a marvel designed to birth up to 2,000 vehicles annually. This sanctum is bifurcated into two levels of fabrication prowess and boasts a dedicated circuit for test drives. Such an architectural marvel ensures that each Alke creation is crafted with meticulous attention and subjected to rigorous testing, thereby adhering to the pinnacle of quality and performance standards.

A Triptych of Excellence: Quality, Environment, Safety

In an age where the triptych of quality, environmental stewardship, and safety are of paramount importance, Alke stands tall, wielding certifications such as ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental management, and OHSAS 18001 for safety. These badges of honor mirror Alke's unwavering commitment to fabricating electric lorries that not only eclipse the realms of performance but are also guardians of our blue planet and its inhabitants.

Unveil the Realm of Alke's Electric Lorries

A visit to Alke's digital fortress unveils a vast armada of electric lorries, from the versatile couriers of commerce to the bespoke knights for specialized tasks. Alke beckons you to behold the fusion of power, efficiency, and reliability within its creations and uncover why its vehicles are the chariots of choice for patrons worldwide.

Alke: Sculpting the Future of Electric Lorry Innovation

At the helm of electric lorry innovation, Alke forges ahead, sculpting the future with its inventive spirit and indomitable standards of excellence. With an illustrious saga, global footprints, and a customer-centric ethos, Alke is not merely shaping the future of electric transportation – it is the future. Embark on a journey with Alke electric lorries and redefine your operations with sustainable, efficient, and formidable solutions.

In the lexicon of electric lorry fabrication, Alke stands unparalleled, a testament to Italian craftsmanship, innovation, and a sustainable vision for the future. With a diverse armada at its disposal, Alke caters to the eclectic demands of industries worldwide. Step into Alke's world and witness the confluence of innovation, reliability, and green mobility.

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