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Updated: 15 July 2024



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Empowering Your World with ALLPOWERS: A Pinnacle of Portable Solar Solutions

In an era where green energy sources are not just preferred but essential, ALLPOWERS has ascended as a leading luminary in the sphere of portable solar technology. Since its establishment in the year 2010, the company has remained unwaveringly devoted to innovating and refining portable solar energy solutions.

ALLPOWERS: Bridging the Gap in Solar Energy Accessibility

Emerging as a fulcrum of innovation in solar technology and quality commitment, ALLPOWERS offers an extensive array of portable solar products. This range includes items as compact as solar panel phone chargers to vast solar energy storage systems. Each offering from the company's broad spectrum stands as evidence of its diligent endeavours in leveraging solar power in varied formats.

A Panorama of Product Diversity

ALLPOWERS not only focuses on power solutions but also boasts an output range from 200W to 4000W, addressing a multitude of applications and customer groups. The company transcends individual product attributes, delivering power solutions painstakingly customized to meet client demands, drawing from their broad suite of products.

Triumph of Technology and Design

ALLPOWERS transcends the boundaries of a typical manufacturing entity to emerge as a source of cutting-edge advancements in portable power supplies. The company prides itself on holding over 50 patents in the realms of photovoltaics and power storage technologies. Its unyielding dedication to delivering products that are both high in performance and aesthetically pleasing has endeared it to over 100 million users spanning 35 countries.

A Commitment to International Quality Standards

With a stringent adherence to ISO9001 and the implementation of an effective quality management system, ALLPOWERS ensures each product not only meets but surpasses global standards. Its products have received accolades from renowned bodies such as CNAS (China), FCC and UL (United States), CE and RoHS (European Union), and PSE (Japan), solidifying its status on the international quality assurance stage.

Comprehensive Power Solutions for a Sustainable Future

ALLPOWERS distinguishes itself beyond being a mere supplier, positioning as a provider of solutions. The company adeptly meets the sophisticated energy requirements of varied sectors - be it offices, commercial setups, factories, or homes. It stands as a harbinger of safe, effective, and secure energy solutions, perfectly synchronized with the diverse energy necessities inherent in urban progress.

An Unyielding Mission to Provide Clean Energy

The mission of ALLPOWERS transcends mere product delivery. The company perceives itself as a pivotal force in combating global energy deficits, zealously working towards furnishing clean energy solutions that harmonize with the complex needs of a swiftly urbanizing planet.


A decade into its journey of transforming the solar energy sector, ALLPOWERS has carved a distinct niche for itself, marrying technological expertise with a steadfast dedication to sustainability. It's not merely a corporation; it represents a movement towards a future where clean, portable power is not just accessible but seamlessly integrated into our daily existence.

In every product and through each solution, ALLPOWERS illuminates a future where energy is not only sustainable but omnipresent, emboldening users worldwide with the promise of quality, dependability, and sustainability.

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