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Updated: 14 June 2024



⚡ Electric Motorcycles Manufacturing Company.

ARC VEHICLE: Revolutionizing Electric Motorcycles from Coventry, England

Perched at the vanguard of electric motorcycle evolution, ARC VEHICLE stands as a luminary beacon within the bustling High-Performance Automotive Engineering nexus in Coventry, England. A crucible of sagacity, ambition, and ingenuity, ARC navigates the electric vehicular seas with a peerless blend of British heritage and innovative foresight.

From Incubation to International Prestige

Birthed in the crucible of Jaguar Land Rover's White Space 'skunk works' under the aegis of the illustrious Mark Truman, ARC has metamorphosed from a clandestine hothouse of avant-garde ideation into a global congregation of masterminds within a span of four winters. Today, ARC's symposium of talents strides across the global stage, each member a leviathan in their realm, orchestrating vehicular symphonies of unparalleled caliber.

An Odyssey towards Altering Vehicle Genesis

With an unwavering commitment to crafting vehicles that narrate tales of exquisite grandeur from its UK heartland, ARC remains tethered to the indomitable spirit of British entrepreneurship. This steadfast vision has charted a novel trajectory in the annals of vehicle manufacturing, promising a future where excellence and ingenuity converge in harmony.

The Confluence of Genius

ARC's legion of Wizards – Engineers of the highest order, Designers of ethereal realms, and Business Sagas par excellence – bring to the forge an alchemy of expertise from myriad vehicular quests. This melange of unparalleled talents ensures ARC's prow cuts through the electric waters with a pioneering spirit, setting benchmarks that become the lodestars for the industry.

The ARC Ethos: Crafting Exhilarating Vehicular Odes

ARC's creed transcends the mundane assembly of motorcycles; we are in the business of etching sagas, of moulding experiences that pulse with the thrill of velocity and the minutiae of methodical design. United by a shared zeal, we ply every iota of potential from the arsenal at our disposal. It is this relentless drive, this insatiable hunger for perfection that distinguishes ARC, allowing us to forge not just remarkable vehicles but true vehicular epics.

A Sanctuary for the Passionate and the Perfectionists

ARC embodies a relentless quest for pinnacle, a fellowship that beckons to all who venerate innovation, excellence, and the dawn of the electric motorcycle era. In the heart of Coventry, we extend our hands in camaraderie, ready to embark on a stimulating journey of discovery and innovation. The road ahead is electric, and ARC is blazing the trail. Embrace the voyage with us; let us craft the future, together.

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