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Updated: 15 July 2024

What is Aspark?

Company "Aspark"

⚡ Electric Cars Manufacturing Company.

Aspark: Driving Innovation in Electric Car Manufacturing

The Genesis of Aspark

Initiated in the crisp autumn month of October 2005 by the visionary Masanori Yoshida, Aspark has metamorphosed from its humble inception into a colossus striding across the globe in the electric car manufacturing cosmos. Gracing the planet with over 25 abodes, from the Land of the Rising Sun to the meticulous artisanal landscapes of Switzerland, through the exotic realms of Indonesia and Thailand, Aspark is the proud banner for an armada exceeding 3,300 fervent souls.

Achievements on a Global Scale

By the time May 2019 waltzed around, the coffers of this juggernaut whispered tales of surpassing the illustrious mark of 160 million USD in global turnover, cementing its eminence as one of the titans of engineering prowess within the automotive dominion of Asia. This monumental achievement was not solely confined to the automotive sphere, as Aspark boldly extended its tentacles into the electrifying dance of the electronics and industrial realms.

Pioneering the Full-Electric Hypercar Project

The curtains were theatrically peeled away to reveal Aspark's ambition in sculpting the full-electric hypercar project, a symphony of innovation that hoisted Aspark onto the pedestal of illustrious car manufacturers. With its roots burrowing deep into the fertile soils of Japan and tendrils of creativity extending to the Owl development and production sanctum in Turin, Italy, Aspark dances with its local ally in a spectacle of engineering finesse.

Expanding Lines of Business

Beyond the mechanical heartbeats of car manufacturing, Aspark unfurls its wings into the azure sky, offering a constellation of services. From consulting whispers in the corridors of power, programming sonatas that enchant the digital universe, to the aromatic brew of software services and the life-affirming pulse of medical services, Aspark stands as a testament to versatility and adaptive evolution.

Unveil the Aspark Product Line-Up

Step into the gallery of Aspark's ingenuity, where each carriage is a testament to the relentless pursuit of technological elevation and quality without compromise. Engage with the full spectrum of Aspark's creations and bask in the fusion of artistic design and technical prowess that elevates Aspark as a beacon in the electric car manufacturing milieu.

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