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Unlike many other concerns, in VAG, the transition to electric vehicles is proceeding according to a clear plan and without any particular problems. One way or another, Volkswagen was able to invest billions of euros in the development of power plants on alternative energy sources. However, until now, the question of how to recoup the investment has not even been raised, but now it seems that one of the controlled brands will soon recoup some of the costs.

Interestingly, Düsmann had previously stated that electric vehicles would only become profitable over the next 2 or 3 years. Now, the rhetoric has changed, and it is claimed that Audi is making profits from electric cars now.

Tesla is currently generating the largest gross margin among green car manufacturers. But Elon Musk spends large sums on the expansion of the company, thus the net profit of even such a giant is very speculative. Only companies such as NIO, which do not have their own capacities, can receive really big money, and the increase in production is happening smoothly and with active investments from the local authorities.

At the end of the interview, reporters asked about the future of brands such as Lamborghini, Bentley and Ducati, which are controlled by Audi. As Düsmann noted, these manufacturers are very valuable for VAG and no one plans to get rid of them.

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