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What is CEGN?

⚡ EV Charging Stations Manufacturing Company.

CEGN: Pioneers in Electrifying Our Streets

Nestled in the bustling tech hub of Shenzhen, Carenergy Net Co., Ltd. (CEGN) emerges as a luminary in the electrification of our transit systems. With its roots deeply embedded in the prestigious lineage of Shenzhen Clou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and buoyed by the patronage of Shenzhen Capital Operation Group Co., Ltd., CEGN strides forth as an embodiment of innovation in the electric vehicle (EV) charging cosmos. At its core, CEGN champions the development, implementation, and management of charging networks, alongside offering auxiliary services that are redefining the charging experience.

Backed by Strong Financial Support

Inheriting the prowess of its parent company, Shenzhen Clou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., CEGN thrives under the aegis of substantial financial endorsement courtesy of Shenzhen Capital Operation Group Co., Ltd. This formidable financial backing insulates CEGN, empowering them to spearhead ambitious research undertakings and propel the delivery of top-tier charging infrastructure solutions into the market.

Intelligent and Energy-Saving Charging Solutions

CEGN’s allegiance to the creed of innovation perpetuates their pursuit of excellence in the EV charging arena. By harnessing their profound R&D capabilities, CEGN is on a quest to furnish clients with stellar, energy-efficient, and financially savvy charging solutions. These avant-garde solutions are engineered to streamline the charging ordeal, amplify energy utilization efficiency, and truncate the economic footprint of EV charging.

Comprehensive Product Range

CEGN’s arsenal is brimming with an array of products tailored to satiate the eclectic demands of the EV charging infrastructure. Below is a closer look at some of CEGN's sterling offerings:

  1. The CEGN Home Charger, a beacon for residential charging, encapsulates convenience and dependability for EV owners. Flaunting a user-centric design coupled with compact dimensions, the Home Charger orchestrates an impeccable charging ballet for the everyday commute.

  2. For the urban jungle, the CEGN Public Charger stands as a formidable edifice. Tailored for communal terrains like parking alcoves, trade zones, and urban cores, this stalwart charger brings to bear cutting-edge functionalities ensconced in a sturdy build, ensuring a relentless and efficient charging service amid the hustle and bustle.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

CEGN is steadfast in its vow to delight customers, aspiring to architect charging solutions that resonate with their clients' distinct exigencies. By delving deep into the nuances of customer preferences and crafting bespoke solutions, CEGN aspires to weave enduring alliances while fuelling the growth trajectory of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure domain.


Standing tall as an illustrious manufacturer of EV charging stations, CEGN is at the helm of steering the electric vehicle charging infrastructure towards a more intelligent, energy-frugal, and economically advantageous horizon. Bolstered by robust financial support and driven by a zeal for innovation, CEGN unfurls a broad spectrum of superior charging products and services, beckoning the era of electric mobility and the burgeoning of an environmentally sustainable transportation infrastructure.

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