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Company "Clean-e-marine"

⚡ Electric Water Vehicles Manufacturing Company.

Clean-e-marine: Electrifying the Waters

At the helm of the electric watercraft sector, Clean-e-marine stands out as a distinguished manufacturer dedicated to the crafting of electric marine propulsion solutions. Since its inception in 1998, the firm has charted a course through innovation's choppy seas, achieving considerable acclaim.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Expansion

Genesis and Strategic Transformation

In the year following its establishment, Clean-e-marine set sail with its maiden venture into electric propulsion, a journey which quickly bore fruit. This early triumph heralded a strategic pivot - the birth of ASMO Marine in 2001, marking an epoch in Clean-e-marine's storied existence.

The Thoosa Systems: A Windfall for Sailing

The introduction of their Thoosa systems onto Danish sailing vessels proved nothing short of revolutionary. This motley crew of electric propulsion aficionados provided the wind beneath the Thoosa systems' wings, their feedback serving as the lighthouse guiding further innovation.

Widening Horizons: A Global Electric Fleet

Word of the Thoosa systems' prowess soon transcended Danish shores, attracting sailors from across the globe to adopt Clean-e-marine’s electric marvels. A diverse fleet comprising sailboats, catamarans, and motorboats now glide silently, powered by the firm's ingenious technology.

A New Chapter: Clean eMarine

The dawn of 2012 witnessed ASMO Marine metamorphosing into Clean eMarine. This rebranding mirrored the company's commitment to not only catering to the leisure market but also harnessing the vast expanses of the commercial arena.

The Future in Electric Propulsion

A Spectrum of Electric Propulsion Options

Today, Clean eMarine’s oeuvre encompasses a broad array of electric propulsion systems tailored for the boating enthusiast and the commercial operator alike, with offerings that range from a nimble 3.5kW to a formidable 90kW and beyond.

The Quiet Revolution: Advantages of Electric Propulsion

Shifting from fossil fuels to electric propulsion promises a serenade of silence and sustainability. Beyond the tranquility and reduced maintenance, Clean eMarine's technology heralds a new era of cost-effective marine exploration.

A Beacon for Environmental Stewardship

In its commitment to the preservation of our blue planet, Clean eMarine sails at the forefront of the electric revolution, provisioning the mariner with an arsenal of sustainable propulsion solutions.

Discover the Electric Fleet of Clean-e-marine

Dock no longer in the harbour of curiosity—venture forth with Clean-e-marine, your harbinger of the electric age. Whichever your vessel, be it a graceful sailboat or a steadfast catamaran, an adventure with Clean-e-marine’s technology at the helm awaits.

With a legacy of pioneering in the electric marine propulsion industry and a steadfast commitment to environmental guardianship, Clean-e-marine invites you aboard their electric odyssey. Contact them to set sail into a quieter, cleaner future.

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