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Updated: 15 July 2024

What is CSC?

Company "CSC"

⚡ Electric Bicycles & Scooters Manufacturing Company.

CSC Motorcycles: Crafting Exceptional Riding Experiences

Gaze upon CSC Motorcycles and behold more than a mere producer of two-wheeled marvels; this establishment is a crucible where fervent biking aficionados converge. With a commitment to transcendence in both craft and culture, CSC Motorcycles infuses its creations with the essence of innovation and the spirit of kinship.

Our Pledges to Excellence:

  1. Unyielding Quality & Ceaseless Innovation: On an ever-winding road of progress, we push the boundaries of what motorcycles and accessories can be. Our oath is to furnish only the finest, ensuring our position as trailblazers in technological advancements.

  2. A Nationwide Brotherhood On Wheels: The CSC vision stretches far beyond sales, aspiring to knit a tapestry of motorcycle enthusiasts across the US and beyond, sharing thrills from the dusty paths of Baja, Mexico to the twisty mountain tracks of China.

  3. Empowering Riders With Knowledge: In defiance of convention, we aim to elevate our riders, offering an extensive digital library laden with exhaustive maintenance guides available at no cost, accompanied by a gratis online owner's manual with every CSC Motorcycle.

  4. Affordability Direct to Your Doorstep: Whether you grace our showroom in Azusa, California, or engage with us online or telephonically, our streamlined, direct-to-consumer approach ensures that the economizations are bountifully shared with our esteemed clientele.

  5. Post-Purchase Support You Can Count On: Every CSC Motorcycle is safeguarded by a comprehensive warranty, with a repository replete with parts for every model. Our service department and CSC Authorized Service Centers guarantee paramount servicing. In locales devoid of a center, owners can introduce their favored local workshops into our distinguished network.

Your Invitation to the CSC Odyssey:

At CSC Motorcycles, we’re not just delivering motorcycles; we’re endowing experiences. Every facet of our operation, from sales and financing to service and parts, is imbued with the intent to enrich and edify. We treasure each bond formed, endeavoring for relationships that extend beyond the initial transaction. Our goal transcends satisfying expectations—it aims to redefine them.

Embrace CSC. Embrace a passion for motorcycling that knows no bounds.

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