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EV Producer Dacia

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Dacia is Romania's biggest carmaker. In 1999, Renault purchased 51% of Dacia’s shares, following its privatization. Presently, the French company holds 99.43% of Dacia’s total shares. Dacia stands out for its unconventional spirit in the automotive world. The secret lies in our pragmatic approach. In an increasingly complex world, we focus on the essential: making new vehicles accessible to as many people as possible. We start with what matters to you: having a long-term car that you can always rely on. Dacia models are spacious, robust and practical. They are equipped with tested and reliable technologies. In short, they meet all your requirements and look nice. Dacia is a fan of clear and simple things, so that you can choose your favorite model and enjoy it without worries.

Published on 05 September 2022

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