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What is Electric Yacht?

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Electric Yacht: Navigating the Future of Marine Propulsion

Who is Electric Yacht?

Step aboard, maritime enthusiasts! The Electric Yacht Company is not just a manufacturer; it's a harbinger of the sea's electrified future. Steering through the uncharted waters of electric watercraft innovation, this distinguished establishment is celebrated for its pioneering QuietTorque system. With its dedication to research and development bordering on the obsessive, Electric Yacht has unfurled the sails of its second-generation system, designed to be a paragon of simplicity, reliability, and adaptability. Picture this: your vessel, whether it be a modest 25-foot day sailor or a majestic 55-foot ocean cruiser, humming softly through the waters, thanks to Electric Yacht's ingenuity. Imagine the brilliance of a propulsion system so streamlined in its design, yet encompassing an intricate engineering philosophy that promises ease in installation, robust durability, and a warranty lasting three revolutions around the sun. The Electric Yacht Company has not only set the course but is leading the voyage into electric marine propulsion.

Where Dreams Meet the Docks: The Electric Yacht Story

From its serene berth in North America, the Electric Yacht Company has charted a course through the tempestuous seas of innovation, becoming the sole beacon of hope for those seeking 20 kW and 30 kW solutions that whisper through the waves at a harmonious 48Vdc. Now, let's dive into the essence of what sets Electric Yacht apart from the mere vessels bobbing in the marina.

The Quintessence of Electric Yacht

1. A Symphony of Simplicity and Reliability

In the world of marine propulsion, the QuietTorque system stands as a testament to Electric Yacht's philosophy: that true beauty lies in uncluttered simplicity and steadfast reliability. This marvel of engineering seamlessly docks into an array of vessels, offering a lifeline to both the day sailor seeking tranquility and the ocean crosser chasing horizons.

2. The Art of Effortless Installation

Time, an invaluable treasure for the seafarer. Recognizing this, Electric Yacht has sculpted the QuietTorque system to slip into your vessel with the ease of a dolphin gliding through azure depths. Embrace the gift of time, as you're released from the shackles of complexity to bask in the joys of the open waters sooner.

3. Forged in the Crucible of the Sea

Rugged as the leathery skin of Neptune himself, Electric Yacht's creations are a forge of quality and endurance. Each component, bathed in the crucible of rigorous testing, emerges as a titan ready to face the capricious moods of the sea, promising voyages marked not by years, but by decades.

4. Featherlight Touch of Power

The alchemists at Electric Yacht have achieved what was once thought an elusive dream: crafting a propulsion system as light as a sea breeze yet as powerful as Poseidon's trident. This delicate balance propels your vessel with grace, unfettered by the drag of unnecessary weight.

5. Pioneers of Uncharted Power

In the realm where power and safety dance a delicate tango, Electric Yacht leads with solutions that sing in 20 kW and 30 kW melodies at the serene frequency of 48Vdc. A symphony of potency and responsiveness at your fingertips, navigating the watery expanse with a newfound zeal.

Embark on a Voyage Through Our Electric Fleet

Welcome, curious sailors, to the treasure trove of Electric Yacht's arsenal, where innovation meets the open sea:

  • Electric Motors: Harness the winds of the future with our high-octane electric motors, engineered to propel your journey with unmatched efficiency, regardless of your vessel's stature.

  • Battery Systems: The heart of your electric voyage, our battery systems stand as resolute guardians of your journey's continuity, offering resilience and longevity in the face of the ocean's unpredictability.

  • Control Systems: Command the seas with our avant-garde control systems, your portal to mastering electric propulsion with the finesse of a seasoned mariner, ensuring smooth navigation through the changing tides.

Ahoy, travelers, dealers in wind, and tamers of the untamable! Electric Yacht Company not only charts a course but courses through the bloodstream of the electric water vehicle domain. With our QuietTorque system's unrivaled simplicity, reliability, and the promise of a seamless transition to electric propulsion, we proudly herald a new era. A vestige of exceptional nautical expeditions awaits, powered by our dedication to lightweight, long-lasting, and thrilling performance systems. We stand, undaunted, as the exclusive harbinger of 20 kW and 30 kW solutions, propelling you into the embrace of the sea's electric future. Hoist your sails and chart a course to our shores, for within Electric Yacht lies the horizon of your next great voyage.

Undock from the conventional and set sail with Electric Yacht. Navigate to our digital harbour for a closer look at the future of marine propulsion, where the ocean's next chapter is written in the whispers of electric currents.

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