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⚡ Electric Cars Manufacturing Company.

Eli Electric Vehicles reimagines personal vehicles by creating advanced, efficient and affordable micro-EVs for daily short trips. Eli ZERO is the next-generation personal vehicle focused on simplicity and elegance. Eli ZERO is empowering riders to reconnect with their neighborhood and cities, and ultimately reduce congestion, inefficiency, and pollution caused by oversized highway cars. Headquartered in California and Beijing, Eli Electric Vehicles aims to be the leader in electric transportation for short-range and high-frequency trips. Eli ZERO is designed to prioritize maneuverability on urban streets as opposed to highway performance, making short trips effortless and fun. We believe local connectivity is the key to stimulate a healthier urban model. Improved walkability and reduced car dependency empower human-scale neighborhoods. Ease of access to shops, events and facilities stimulates local economy. Besides zero emission, energy consumption of Eli ZERO is less than 7% of a conventional automobile, making it one of the most energy-efficient electric vehicles ever built, at MPGe of more than 350. Besides cost savings, low energy consumption also reduces environmental impact, improves air quality.

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