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Updated: 14 June 2024



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Energica Motor Company: Modena's Electric Marvel

Enshrined within the venerable cobblestones of Modena, Italy, Energica Motor Company shines as a bastion of sustainability and innovation. This progeny of the illustrious CRP Group, with its roots deeply entrenched in the hallowed terre of international motorsport innovation, gleams as a luminous point of convergence between technological advancement and ecological consciousness.

The CRP Group: Forging Energica’s Foundation of Excellence

Spanning over four decades, the CRP Group's odyssey through the realms of innovation has rendered it a colossus across the global motorsport theatre. Renowned for its masterly prowess in CNC machining and additive manufacturing, the Group's expertise through Windform laser sintering materials propels it to the pinnacle of its field, stitching a tapestry rich in technology and avant-garde thought.

A Bold Venture into Sustainable Vehicles

Marking the twilight years of the first decade of the millennium, the CRP Group, with sagacity, cast its gaze upon the burgeoning realm of sustainable vehicles. This prescient venture, nurtured between 2008 and 2009, burgeoned into a radical chapter for CRP, epitomized by the advent of an electrifying endeavour – the creation of an all-electric racing motorcycle in 2009, christened the eCRP project.

The Genesis of Energica: A Beacon of Electric Innovation

Following a duo of years amid the racing echelons, the CRP Group resolved to transmute its race-honed technological prowess into a creation tailored for the asphalt of the everyday. With its aerospace and F1 alchemy, the Energica Project took flight, encapsulating CRP's vast reservoirs of knowledge and technical acumen in pursuit of superior electric technology. The vision was crystalline: to forge a lineage of electric motorcycles unparalleled in quality for the daily rider.

Energica: Sculpting the Future of Mobility

The CRP Group's embarkation into Energica is not merely an investment but a testament to its unyielding quest to redefine the parameters of electric technology. This journey has birthed an elite coterie of electric motorcycles, standing as vanguards of Energica's legacy of exemplary innovation and efficiency. As it continues to evolve, Energica carves upon CRP's illustrious tradition, heralding a tomorrow brimming with sustainable and trailblazing mobility solutions.

In the fertile grounds of Modena, Energica emerges not only as an emblem of electric motorcycle supremacy but also as a herald of a mobility revolution, intertwining high-octane performance with sustainable ethos. This dual commitment to innovation and sustainability is redefining our collective mobility narrative, positioning Energica as a towering figure in the electric vehicle odyssey.

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