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EO Charging - stands for "Electricity Online" and is at the heart of our vision to develop the smart energy technologies of the future. We are working to create a new charging ecosystem that empowers businesses and individuals to work autonomously. At EO, we believe the transition starts with fleets first. That's why we're focused on creating charging solutions that change the mindset of both businesses and consumers. We don't just manufacture hardware, we don't just develop software, we don't just provide charging services. We offer a solution to accelerate the electrification of your fleet, no matter where you are on your electric vehicle journey. We are developing an EV charging ecosystem that makes EO the ideal plug-in charging partner for any business. Join us, work on electricity and be the driving force our planet needs. Together we can make our future sustainable. Electric vehicles are the future, but the revolution won't happen overnight.

Published on 12 January 2022

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