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About eSled Aurora Company

⚡ Electric Snowmobiles & Quadricycles Manufacturing Company.

The eSled is an innovative new way to experience the Arctic splendour without disturbing the silent peace of wintry nature. It’s great for beginners as well due to its special electric drive, which makes handling easy and fun. Still, it is packed with a lot of power and performance, enabling the driver to enjoy the journey. Our safaris last usually from two to three hours and we will ride approximately 1-1.5 hours depending on skills of the drivers. After the ride, charging eSled’s battery to full takes less than 1 hour. With electric snowmobile – eSled – you can experience the wildlife using all five senses and get closer to nature than ever before. With a respect to nature’s uniqueness, our safaris are designed for small groups, max. 16 adults / 8 eSled. We also produce customized private safaris to meet your needs.

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