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Evse Australia Manufacturing Company

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Evse Australia: EV Charging Stations | MOTORWATT

About Evse Australia Company

⚡ EV Charging Stations Manufacturing Company.

EVSE Australia proudly holds the position as Australia's number one supplier and installer of universal electric vehicle chargers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our range of high-quality products powered by durable components and intelligent software. Recommended and approved by all major electric vehicle manufacturers, our charging equipment enables faster and more efficient charging experiences. With the largest range of charging stations in Australia, we cater to the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners across the country.

Empowering Electric Vehicle Owners with Efficient Charging

Electric vehicle charging stations play a vital role in the ownership experience of electric vehicles. At EVSE Australia, we understand the importance of fast and safe charging. Our range of charging stations encompasses various forms, including simple portable EV chargers that can be plugged into a 10a or 15a outlet, as well as fast DC chargers commonly found on highways. While portable chargers offer convenience, they may not provide the desired charging speed for full electric cars. For optimal performance, we recommend Level 2 AC recharge stations like the EO Mini home charging station. These stations are hardwired into your home electrical system by a licensed electrician, delivering up to 10 times faster charging speeds. Additionally, they integrate advanced safety features such as DC Fault protection, temperature regulation, and solar panel integration.

Extensive Range of Charging Solutions

EVSE Australia takes pride in offering a comprehensive product lineup to meet the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners. Our range includes:

  1. Portable EV Chargers: Convenient and versatile, these chargers can be easily transported and plugged into standard power outlets, providing a reliable charging solution for electric vehicles on the go.

  2. Fast DC Chargers: Designed for highways and public spaces, our fast DC chargers offer rapid charging capabilities, enabling electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently.

  3. Level 2 AC Recharge Stations: The recommended solution for both home and commercial charging, our Level 2 AC recharge stations provide significantly faster charging speeds and advanced safety features, making them an ideal choice for electric vehicle owners.

Advantages of EVSE Australia Charging Stations

By choosing EVSE Australia's charging stations, electric vehicle owners can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Faster Charging: Our charging stations offer accelerated charging speeds, reducing the time spent waiting for your electric vehicle to charge.

  • Advanced Safety Features: With built-in safety features such as DC Fault protection and temperature regulation, our charging stations prioritize the safety of both the vehicle and the user.

  • Integration with Solar Panels: Our charging stations can seamlessly integrate with solar panel systems, allowing users to charge their vehicles using clean and renewable energy.

  • Cost Savings: By reducing reliance on traditional fuel sources, electric vehicle owners can experience substantial savings in fuel costs, which can offset the upfront investment of the charging station within a few years.


EVSE Australia stands as the leader in manufacturing and supplying electric vehicle charging stations in Australia. With our extensive range of high-quality products, powered by durable components and intelligent software, we enable electric vehicle owners to charge faster and more efficiently. Whether you require a portable charger, a fast DC charger, or a Level 2 AC recharge station, we have the perfect solution for your charging needs. Experience the convenience, reliability, and cost savings of EVSE Australia's charging stations and embrace the future of electric mobility.

To explore our full range of products and discover the power of our charging solutions, please visit our website. Together, let's drive towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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