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Australia’s #1 Supplier and Installer of Universal Electric Vehicle Chargers. Powered by durable components and intelligent software, our equipment is recommended and approved by all major EV manufacturers. Charge faster today with Australia’s largest range. Electric vehicle charging stations are an important aspect of EV ownership. An EV Charger will allow you to top up your electric vehicle in a fast and safe manner. Charging stations can come in many forms including simple portable EV chargers, which can plug into a 10a or 15a to fast DC chargers found on highways. A portable is the simplest and easiest charging station for your EV although for full electric cars this will not be fast enough. The best solution for all EV drivers is a Level 2 AC recharge station such as the EO Mini home charging station, which are hardwired into your home electrical system by a licensed electrician. This will increase your charging speed by up to 10 times as well as integrating some advanced safety features such as DC Fault protection, temperature regulation & solar panel integration. This is the recommended solution for home & commercial charging stations, with the savings in fuel costs covering upfront costs within the first few years.

Published on 12 January 2022

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