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About Exeed Company

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Exeed: Innovating the Future of Premium Electric SUVs

Exeed's Emergence as a Premium SUV Manufacturer

Exeed, a division of the renowned Chinese automobile manufacturer Chery, has made significant strides in the premium sport utility vehicle (SUV) market since its inception in September 2017. Known for its cutting-edge designs and commitment to quality, Exeed represents the pinnacle of luxury and innovation in the electric SUV segment.

The Genesis of Exeed and Its First Impressions

The journey of Exeed began on September 14, 2017, at the International Motor Show Germany in Frankfurt. This marked the debut of the Exeed marque with the unveiling of the TX concept vehicle, a mid-size SUV that garnered attention for its sophisticated design and advanced features. Following this, the Exeed LX concept, another milestone, was showcased at Auto China in Beijing on April 29, 2018, further cementing Exeed's reputation for luxury SUVs.

Launch of the First Exeed Models

March 2019 witnessed a pivotal moment for Exeed with the launch of its first production model, the Exeed TX/TXL mid-size SUV. This launch was a testament to Exeed's commitment to delivering premium quality vehicles. In the following month, at Auto Shanghai, Exeed continued to surprise the automotive world with the E-IUV, a third concept vehicle showcasing their innovative prowess. The year continued to be eventful for Exeed with the launch of the Chery Tiggo 7-based LX compact SUV in October, expanding their portfolio in the SUV market.

The Flagship SUV and Expansion Plans

November 22, 2019, marked another key milestone for Exeed with the unveiling of the VX concept vehicle at Auto Guangzhou, a precursor to their flagship SUV. The subsequent release of the Exeed VX full-size SUV in January 2020 reinforced Exeed's position as a premium SUV manufacturer.

Exeed's Venture into the U.S. Market

2020 was a year of expansion for Exeed, with the announcement in February that the Exeed TXL and VX models would enter the U.S. market under the Vantas brand, in partnership with HAAH Automotive Holdings. Despite initial plans for a 2021 launch, the timeline was extended to 2022, and the models were set to be exported from China to the U.S. However, the bankruptcy of HAAH Automotive Holdings in July led to the cancellation of these plans, along with the entry of the second-gen Chery Tiggo 7 under the T-GO brand.

Exeed's Latest Innovation: The Stellar Concept SUV

In a continuous effort to innovate, Exeed revealed its fifth concept SUV, the Stellar, at Auto Shanghai in April 2021. This electric mid-size SUV is a clear indication of Exeed's dedication to advancing in the electric vehicle sector and its commitment to delivering luxurious and environmentally friendly vehicles.

In summary, Exeed has demonstrated remarkable growth and innovation in the premium electric SUV market. From the launch of its first concept vehicle to the development of its flagship models and expansion plans, Exeed has shown a consistent dedication to quality, luxury, and sustainability. While challenges have arisen, particularly in expanding to the U.S. market, Exeed's journey is a testament to its resilience and commitment to becoming a leading name in the global SUV market. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Exeed's focus on electric vehicles and luxury SUVs positions it well to meet the changing demands of consumers and to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation.

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