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Flux Performance

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Updated: 14 June 2024

What is Flux Performance?

Company "Flux Performance"

⚡ Electric Motorcycles Manufacturing Company.

Electric Motorcycle Dynamo: Flux Performance

In an era where electric motorcycles begin to eclipse their gasoline-guzzling ancestors, Flux Performance emerges as a beacon, blending the soulful aura of traditional motorbiking with the electrifying zest of modern propulsion. Here, we’re not just assembling electric motorcycles; we’re sculpting the next chapter of riding exhilaration.

A Salute to the Art of Motorbiking

Every facet of a Flux Performance motorcycle breathes a deep-seated honor for the motorbike tradition. Yet, by embracing the cutting edge in electric vehicular technology, we dare to redefine the essence of biking. Imagine the thrill of unbridled power, liberated from the cacophony of engines and the drudgery of upkeep. Through our relentless pursuit of excellence, biking transmutes into a passionate ballet, with every electric beat in perfect harmony.

The Palette of Our Craft

The cornerstone of our eminence is our cadre - a motley crew of seasoned maestros. Hailing from a plethora of disciplines, we are endowed with savoir-faire in CAD, PCB and battery pack design, software wizardry, mechanical choreography, and race team strategies.

With our roots entwined with illustrious ventures by NASA and Google in aerospace and laurels in international motorcycle championships, we amalgamate our diverse prowess. Our crusade? To catapult electric motorcycles into a novel epoch of ingenuity.

Efficiency Through Cutting-Edge Technologies

By wielding the might of avant-garde CAD software, we’ve ingeniously slashed development expenses and timelines. Our arsenal, inclusive of 3D sketching, machining, welding, and synthetics, granting us agility in concept-to-prototype metamorphosis. With the acumen of FEA scrutiny and topological refinement, our creations leap from digital phantasms to physical specimens with premier fidelity.

Melding Aeronautical Ingenuity and Motorcycling Prowess

Our cohort of battery and PCB connoisseurs are steeped in erudition, equipped with the zenith of technologic armaments. Gleaning from aerial innovation, we endow our motorcycles with configurations that save on weight and space. When fused with our software virtuosity, the result is a motorcycle ensemble that epitomizes both performance and efficiency.

Geographically Primed for Triumph

Ensconced in the bucolic splendors of western Slovenia, Flux Performance is splendidly located. Our position is a hub, forging links to Italy, Austria, and Croatia. Close to the cradle of automotive giants and the storied Italian Motor Valley, not forgetting crucial harbors, our locale is nested within a pulsating motorsport microcosm.

Charting the Electric Motorcycling Odyssey

Flux Performance transcends mere branding; it heralds a crusade. With a laser focus on excellence and a voracious appetite for creation, we are reimagining electric motorcycling paradigms. As we forge ahead, we beckon you to be part of our electrifying odyssey.

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