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EV Producer Frisian

«Frisian» EV Producer

Frisian Motors was founded in 2010. As a group of enthusiastic engineers, we have long been passionate about the advent of electric vehicles. Anyone who studies technology will surely agree that electricity is the future. "Electricity" is easy to transport and manage. Energy storage is also becoming faster and more efficient. With the advent of all-electric cars, there is certainly a trend, and it is raising awareness for a better environment. Although it will be several years before a fully mature electric vehicle is available to everyone, we specialize in affordable solutions that, in addition to the environmental aspect, also offer many practical benefits. After a long search for all the possibilities at home and abroad, we saw a unique opportunity to develop a concept along with a number of overseas factories to work together on this task. By often leaving design and design in-house, but outsourcing production, we are able to deliver high quality products at a price comparable to fuel-powered models. Frisian Motors controls and is responsible for the final product.

Published on 13 January 2022

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