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GMC (GMC, abbreviation for General Motors Corporation) is a division of the American automobile concern General Motors, which produces trucks, SUVs and pickups.

The company was founded in Detroit in 1902 under the name Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, founded by brothers Max and Maurice Grabowski. In 1908, it becomes part of the General Motors concern.

GMC produced T, A, H series trucks, Astro-95, DUKW military amphibious truck. In 1966, the company introduced its first Rally minibus (later known as the Savanna) to the market. In the class of SUVs, the company released Yukon, Jimmy (in the luxury version - Typhoon), Envoy - "the best SUV of 2001", Terrain, sporty Acadia, in the class of pickups - Sierra ACE with a third door on the starboard side, and Canyon.

Concern General Motors has officially revived "Hammer": from now on this name bears the electric pickup of the GMC brand. Its production is established at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant, which now specializes in electric vehicles and is called Factory Zero.

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