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GREENWORKS Producer Description

Greenworks commercial tools feature brushless motors, making them 50% quieter than gasoline tools. This silent operation allows you to work in places where there are noise restrictions. Quieter operation means you can start your day earlier, complete more tasks and work later - all without disturbing your customers. Greenworks commercial power equipment starts with the push of a button or the pull of a trigger - no more pulling the cord. Starting and restarting is easy. The brushless motor technology of Greenworks Commercial tools significantly reduces vibration compared to gasoline-powered equipment. Lighter tools with reduced vibration means less user fatigue resulting in longer use and an easier work week. No fluctuating fuel costs. No mixing, no spills. All day does not smell of gasoline and exhaust. Greenworks commercial tools deliver commercial-grade power without the mess and smell of gas and oil, so you can breathe easy. The cost of charging a battery is a fraction of the cost of a tank of gasoline, which greatly reduces operating costs. Commercial Greenworks equipment requires less maintenance than traditional gas equipment. No carburetors to service, no lines to change, no oil to change, no spark plugs to change, no air filters to clean... which means no downtime. With Greenworks Commercial, the tools are ready to go when you're ready. When you make a living with your tools, you need something you can rely on to deliver the power and performance you need. Greenworks Commercial battery technology and brushless motors deliver just that - reliable commercial-grade power without the hassle of gas.

Published on 13 January 2022

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