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After 18 years of research on the most ideal and sustainable solution to urban transportation, we decided to make a vehicle that embodies a sustainable integrated system and lifestyle. We wanted to create something that saves the environment, space and is comfortable and safe. We made a vehicle that is 100% electric, changes size based on your needs, and is protective by having a chassis, body, dashboard, and seat. We conducted a survey with friends, families, and the public to see what was needed in an urban setting, what their vision of future transportation would be, and how we could make a product to closely match their imagination. Families wanted room for their kids and easy parking, teens wanted an affordable electric vehicle without requiring a driving license that protects them in the rain, young couples wanted something fun for the both of them on a night out in the city, and others just wanted something minimalistic in alignment with futuristic technological development and a strong focus on sustainability. We decided to create the iEV: intelligent Electric Vehicle as the solution. 

Published on 14 February 2022

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