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About Iveco Bus Company

⚡ Electric Buses Manufacturing Company.

VECO BUS is deeply rooted into the history of public transport vehicles, dating back to when the traction motor replaced horse-drawn power. We are proud to carry on the tradition of leadership and the pioneering spirit of famous companies and brands that have shaped the way buses and coaches have to be designed and built: Fiat, OM, Orlandi in Italy, Berliet, Renault, Chausson, Saviem in France, Karosa in the Czech Republic, Magirus-Deutz in Germany and Pegaso in Spain, to name just a few. Thriving on this valuable capital of ideas, innovations and specific know-how, IVECO BUS looks at the future with confidence and determination. IVECO BUS develops collective passenger vehicles to meet the needs of present and future mobility. Through this mission, the brand is committed to safe, efficient, comfortable and sustainable mobility. IVECO BUS continues to progress in the fields of new vehicles, alternative fuels and tractions, and concept vehicles with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and anticipating customer needs.

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