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EV Producer Jetson

«Jetson» EV Producer

Jetson is a Swedish company with a mission to change the way we travel. We aim to make the skies available for everyone with our safe personal electric aerial vehicle. Our prototype "proof of concept" was finished in the spring of 2018, and until now we have been very busy working on a consumer friendly version. That project resulted in Jetson ONE, a commercially available personal electric aerial vehicle that you can own and fly. Jetson was founded by Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan in 2017. We intend to make everyone a pilot. Mission: Never in history of aviation and transportation was flying so easy to reach and use for everyone. The future is in vehicles just like the one we have built. Electric power, multiple rotors providing redundancy and high capacity batteries. Vehicles that will lift personal transport from a simple car, to a helicopter-like vehicle in the air. With our first concept built in 2017-18, we have showed that this future is much closer than it might appear. We are on a brink of a major revolution.

Published on 15 January 2022

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