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Joint Tech

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Updated: 14 June 2024

What is Joint Tech?

Company "Joint Tech"

⚡ EV Charging Stations Manufacturing Company.

Electrifying the Future: Joint Tech's Mastery in EV Charging Solutions

In the bustling universe of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, Joint Tech emerges as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Conceived in 2015, this enterprise has carved its niche in concocting EV charging stations, along with LED sports illuminators, parking lot beacons, and ingenious smart poles. Through a relentless pursuit of quality and novel ideas, Joint Tech is on a mission to craft ODM and OEM configurations that resonate with the multifarious demands of its clientele. With installations spanning over 35 nations, their global footprint is unmistakable. The muster of over a hundred diligent souls, crowned with engineers of supreme calibre, alongside a treasure trove of patents, underscore their commitment to pioneering the electric frontier.

Exemplary Devotion to Quality

For Joint Tech, excellence in product integrity is non-negotiable. They are bound by the rigorous criteria of ISO 9001 and TS 16949, meticulously scrutinizing all phases from conception to mass production. As a certified TUV witness lab, their arsenal of testing paraphernalia assures that each creation surpasses the highest echelons of quality. With at least 99% of their products passing stringent tests, their allegiance to unfaltering quality and reliability is undeniable. Moreover, their credentials boast ISO 14000, ISO 45001, and ecovadis certifications, a testament to their unwavering commitment towards environmental stewardship and occupational well-being.

The Quest for Green Ingenuity

Joint Tech is not merely a manufacturing entity but a crucible of green technological alchemy. Seeking to intertwine R&D, smart fabrication, and eco-friendly solutions, they are defiant in their quest to fabricate digital and intelligent innovations for a global audience. Be it the EV charging sanctuaries or the high-tech smart poles, their dedication to fostering sustainable and energy-efficient solutions knows no bounds.

Portfolio of Technological Marvels

The arsenal of Joint Tech is not confined to mere words but is extended through a versatile array of products. Let us illuminate some of their most prominent concoctions:

  1. EV Charging Stations: Their charging havens are a symphony of speed and convenience, designed to rejuvenate electric automotives with reliability and versatility. Adhering to diverse charging protocols, these stations stand as paragons of efficiency.

  2. LED Stadium Lights: Casting a luminescent glow over sports amphitheatres, their LED lights are a spectacle of brilliance and energy conservation, transforming every game into a visually stunning affair.

  3. Parking-lot Lights: The parking-lot illuminators from Joint Tech are not just lamps but guardians of safety and sustainability, ensuring well-lit parking realms while curtailing the energy footprint.

  4. Smart Poles: In the urban jungles, their smart poles stand as sentinels of modernity, merging efficient lighting with smart technologies to forge urban spaces into interconnected hubs of innovation.

In the dynamic tapestry of sustainable energy solutions, Joint Tech positions itself as a luminary, steering the electric vehicle infrastructure towards realms of unparalleled quality and innovation. Their fidelity to stringent international standards and their relentless drive for smart manufacturing and R&D unity paints a picture of a future where embracing green solutions is not just a choice, but a guiding principle. With Joint Tech, the journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow is not just a vision, but a tangible reality.

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