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About Kaiyi Company

⚡ Electric Cars Manufacturing Company.

Kaiyi Automobile has swiftly ascended as a pivotal player in China's automotive sector since its establishment in January 2014. With a robust foundation marked by a registered capital of 4.727 billion Yuan, Kaiyi has demonstrated remarkable growth and strategic evolution, especially after its relocation to Yibin in December 2017, and the subsequent rebranding to Yibin Kaiyi Automobile Co., Ltd. This move not only signified a new chapter in its corporate journey but also underlined its commitment to regional economic development and industrial innovation.

A Diverse and Innovative Product Line

Positioning itself as Sichuan Province's premier full-category passenger car manufacturer, Kaiyi Automobile boasts a diverse portfolio that includes sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. Unique in its dual qualifications for both fuel-powered and new energy vehicles, Kaiyi represents a significant leap forward in the automotive industry, blending traditional engineering excellence with cutting-edge green technologies. This strategic product diversification underscores Kaiyi's mission to cater to a broad spectrum of consumer preferences while promoting lower carbon travel and enhanced convenience in daily life.

Empowering Regional Growth and Industrial Innovation

Supported and developed under the auspices of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the Yibin Municipal Party Committee and Government, Kaiyi Automobile stands as a cornerstone in Yibin's ambition to cultivate a 100-billion-level automobile industry. This initiative not only amplifies Yibin's role in China's automotive landscape but also serves as a catalyst for revitalizing traditional industries and spurring the growth of emerging sectors. By embodying the "Two-Wheel Drive" and "One Blue and One Green" strategies, Kaiyi is at the forefront of fostering an industrial ecology that drives regional development and realizes the aspirations of an industrial renaissance.

Recognition and Achievements

Kaiyi's commitment to quality and innovation has garnered widespread recognition and accolades, including being honored as the "Yibin Sanjiang New District Outstanding Enterprise in 2020" and receiving the title of "Sichuan Province Quality Stability Benchmark Enterprise in 2021." Additionally, its triumph in the 40th National Machinery Industry Association QC Quality Competition in 2021, among other awards, highlights Kaiyi's dedication to excellence and innovation. The company's adherence to international quality standards is further evidenced by its successful certification in IATF16949, 3C, and ISO10012 systems, showcasing the global competitiveness and soft power of its high-quality development ethos.

A Vision for the Future

Kaiyi Automobile's journey reflects a profound commitment to advancing the automotive industry through innovation, sustainability, and quality. By championing the principles of low-carbon travel and making life more convenient, Kaiyi is not just manufacturing vehicles; it is shaping the future of mobility. As the company continues to expand its footprint and influence, it remains dedicated to its founding vision of transforming travel and enriching lives, setting new benchmarks for the automotive industry in China and beyond.

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