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In the annals of the American motorcycle industry, the tale of Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp. USA resonates as a testament to sheer determination and an audacious dream. Born out of an old meatpacking facility in Chicago in March 1966, Kawasaki represented the ambitious vision of a Japanese factory team committed to introducing their motorcycles to the US market. The venture was a humble beginning, devoid of clientele, distributors, or an established reputation. However, the team was armed with an essential asset - an indomitable will to succeed and an assurance from the factory to produce superior products.

The Birth of the Omega Brand and Evolution to High-Performance

Negotiations with several private US companies saw the introduction of Kawasaki's first two-stroke bicycles under the Omega label. Yet, American riders craved more thrill and the company promptly responded by launching the formidable swing-valve twins named the Samurai and Avenger. This marked Kawasaki's first step towards becoming a high-octane entertainment firm. They released these motorcycles under the Kawasaki moniker, and created a subsidiary, Eastern Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp., to handle distribution on the east coast.

The Merger and Emergence of a Powerhouse

In 1968, a merger took place between the new firm and the original Chicago-based entity, giving birth to Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA (KMC) headquartered in Southern California. The year 1969 saw the inception of the phenomenal 500cc Mach III two-stroke triple engine, projecting Kawasaki's prowess onto the global stage. By 1973, with the unveiling of the legendary 900cc four-cylinder Z1, Kawasaki had emerged as a formidable player in the motorcycle arena. KMC, concurrently, was developing a comprehensive distribution network to provide superior service to its dealers and customers.

Diversification and Expansion: The Route to Dominance

Kawasaki's diversification began as early as 1973 when they blazed a trail in the watercraft industry. Presently, their brand of personal watercraft, JET SKI®, leads in this flourishing sector. The 1980s saw the company extend its production to ATVs and Side x Side vehicles. At present, KMC's annual revenue exceeds $1.6 billion, employing around 480 staff and collaborating with over 1,500 dealers. Their best-selling product range includes the thrilling Ninja® sports bikes, timeless Vulcan® cruisers, resilient ATVs and Mule™ Side x Side vehicles, and the unique JET SKI® watercraft, forming the essence of the Kawasaki 'Good Times' image.

Kawasaki's Infrastructure and Manufacturing Power

Beyond its headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California, KMC operates regional sales offices and/or distribution centers in Piscataway, New Jersey; Atlanta, Georgia; Fort Worth, Texas; and Hebron, Kentucky. Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., USA, situated in Lincoln, Nebraska, runs a small engine production plant in Maryville, Missouri, underscoring the company's manufacturing might.

This journey through the rise and diversification of Kawasaki is a testament to the company's enduring vision and relentless commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The Kawasaki story is far from over, as the brand continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of the motorcycle industry.

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