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KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH: A Titan in the Realm of Motorcycle Mastery

Amidst the global amphitheater of motorcycle crafters, KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH asserts itself with formidable presence, distinguished by its blazing 'Ready to Race' maxim and an unwavering quest for excellence. Specializing in machines that cater to the spirited echelons of motorsport, KTM unfurls its influence far and wide, perpetuating a brand renown that knows no bounds.

The Cradle of KTM - Austria's Crown Jewel

In the serene embrace of Mattighofen, Austria, resides the epicenter from which KTM projects its might. Since Stefan Pierer's ascension to the helm in 1992, KTM has charted an audacious course toward motorcycle nirvana, spurred by Pierer's visionary tactics and indomitable will.

The Visionaries Behind KTM's Identity

Manifesting KTM's soul-stirring designs and indelible brand persona is the mastermind Gerald Kiska. As the design doyen, Kiska infused KTM's essence with the radiant 'Orange' hue that now stands as a marker of corporate identity across the globe. His prowess in molding the company's visual and strategic direction secures KTM's spot in the market as a beacon of innovation.

KTM's Rally Cry: A Dynasty of Sporting Triumphs

Beyond the assembly lines, KTM's saga is one of unyielding dominance in motorsport lore. With over 270 world championship crowns to its name, KTM's legacy in offroad wizardry is unrivaled, epitomized by their Dakar Rally dominion—a saga of 16 consecutive victories starting from 2017—that charts a high watermark in motorsport valor.

Unchartered Territories: KTM's Foray into the Asphalt Realm

While dirt and grit run in its veins, KTM has broadened its horizons by venturing into the domain of street bikes and superbikes. This strategic diversification culminated in seizing the Manufacturer's Title at the International German Superbike Championships (IDM), solidifying its prowess across all terrains.

Crafting the Quintessential KTM Experience

KTM enriches every ride with its curated collection of KTM PowerParts, allowing riders to tailor their machines for the track, the trail, or the open road. Complementing this is KTM PowerWear, a fashionable arsenal of moto-apparel and accessories that bleed KTM's racing heritage and contemporary trends.

Beyond Two Wheels: KTM’s Adventure into Auto Innovation

Reinforcing its mantra of relentless innovation, KTM-Sportcar GmbH embarked on an automotive odyssey with the creation of the KTM X-Bow, a testament to the brand's engineering prowess beyond the motorcycle sphere.

KTM: Making Global Tracks

With its sights set on burgeoning markets, KTM unveiled flagship stores in Sao Paolo, Dubai, and the Philippines, marking a stride into unexplored territories and reaffirming its commitment to global expansion.

The KTM Phenomenon: A Quantitative Overview

Commanding a legion of approximately 3000 dedicated souls, KTM shattered records in 2016 by rolling out over 200,000 motorcycles, amassing an awe-striking €1.14 billion turnover. Spanning the globe through 30 sales subsidiaries and a network of about 2,500 dealers and importers, KTM's roar resounds worldwide.

In sum, KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH transcends the confines of mere motorcycle manufacturing; it embodies the pulsating heart of innovation, quality, and competitive spirit, forever engraining its legacy in the annals of global motorsport history.

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