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Lex Boats is an exceptional design and the highest quality of shipbuilding. Starting where others stop is our passion. Finely crafted high quality materials. Two heads with the same thoughts: Need an electric or motorboat built with passion and attention to detail. If you grew up on boats and your own requirements for a powerboat that is technically mature and affordable are very high, you are unlikely to find a solution on the market. In these initial conditions, Nina and Christian Lex took on this great task. The problem is having your own boat. Boat with power. Boat with style. Exquisite. Individually. Lex 610 and Lex 790. This project quickly became the center of life, with Lake Wörthersee becoming a testing laboratory for the Lex family. The goal was to develop a boat shape that could be operated extremely efficiently with both electric and internal combustion engines. Boat for recreation and entertainment. A boat for exclusive pleasures and fantastic water adventures. After many years of intense development together with Udo A. Hafner and his experienced iYacht team, two models, the Lex 610 and Lex 790, are now in production. The elegant appearance and driving experience not only impressed the developers. Simple. Infectious. With a passion for excellence!

Published on 20 January 2022

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