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Updated: 15 July 2024

What is Lincoln?

Company "Lincoln"

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Lincoln Motor Company: Ford's Crowning Jewel in The World of Luxury

Drenched in opulence, the Lincoln Motor Company stands as the plush arm of the legendary Ford Motor Company. This esteemed entity is revered not just in the United States but across the globe for its sumptuous vehicles. A pivotal year, 2020 saw Lincoln pivot its gaze entirely towards SUVs and crossovers, thus marking its grand transition from being a contender in the luxury car space, particularly against Cadillac, to becoming a connoisseur of high-end SUVs with the advent of the 2021 model year.

The Roots and Growth of Lincoln

Born in 1917, the progeny of Henry M. Leland, the Lincoln Motor Company was christened after President Abraham Lincoln. February 1922 saw Ford seize the reins, guiding Lincoln to the present day. The aftermath of WWII saw Ford amalgamating Lincoln with its intermediary brand, Mercury, into the Lincoln-Mercury Division, an alliance that lasted until Mercury's dissolution in 2010. By the curtain fall of 2012, Lincoln rekindled its original designation, Lincoln Motor Company, following the disintegration of Mercury and the divestiture of other luxury labels—cementing its position as Ford’s sole ambassador of luxury.

The Continental: A Legacy Unmatched

Lincoln's foray into the personal luxury car dominion was heralded by the 1940 Lincoln Continental. This paragon of distinction carved a new avenue within Lincoln, initially as a sovereign division, before melding with Lincoln in 1959. By 1969, the Continental Mark series was enveloped into Lincoln, assuming Lincoln’s nomenclature by 1986. The celebrated Lincoln four-point star took its cues from the emblem of the 1956 Continental Mark II, unveiling its contemporary version in 1980.

Lincoln in The Present Day: An Ode to Luxury SUVs and Crossovers

Today, Lincoln’s repertoire boasts a scintillating suite of luxury crossovers and SUVs, veering away from its antecedent emphasis on limousines and chauffeur-driven conveyances. Yet, the legacy of Lincoln serving as the official state cars for U.S. Presidents still resonates through their opulent crossover and SUV lineup.

In the year 2017, Lincoln recorded a global sales landmark of 188,383 vehicles, disseminating its luxury models across the Middle East (with specific exceptions), China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), and South Korea, thus underscoring its worldwide allure and projecting Ford's luxury automotive supremacy onto the international stage.

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