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Livan Automotive: A Fusion of Innovation in Battery-Swapping EVs

Introducing Livan Automotive
In the electrifying cauldron of battery-swapping electric vehicles (EVs), a new player, Livan Automotive, emerges. This offspring of the Geely and Lifan Group union strides forth, adorned with Geely's formidable platforms. Livan proudly crafts electric chariots under the banners of both Livan and Maple.

The Genesis of Livan
The narrative of Livan began to unfold on the 24th of January, 2022, following the harmonious merger of Maple and Lifan Technology. This strategic confluence was heralded by Geely Holding Group's acquisition of Lifan Group in 2022. In a chess-like move, Geely amalgamated its Maple brand into Livan, marking the dissolution of Maple's independence and its rebirth as a model name under the Livan ensign.

The Chronicles of Livan's Ancestry
Tracing the lineage back to its roots, Shanghai Maple, or SMA (Shanghai Maple Automobiles), sprouted in the year 2000. This era witnessed the dawn of the first Huapu (Maple) branded chariots. The year 2003 shone the spotlight on Shanghai Maple's inaugural vehicle, a reverie inspired by the 1990s Citroën ZX. The year 2002 was monumental as Geely bestowed its Midas touch upon Shanghai Maple, and by the year of 2008, the brand was cocooned within Geely, blossoming as their budget-friendly emblem. Alas, this marriage was not to endure, as Shanghai Maple was cast into the shadows in 2010, giving rise to the Englon budget brand.

In the March of 2013, the winds of change brought forth a seminal collaboration between Geely and Kandi Technologies, concocting a 50:50 joint venture christened Zhejiang Kandi Electric Vehicles Investment. This alliance was sworn to the cause of researching, developing, producing, and marketing EVs within the mainland’s embrace. This collaboration rekindled the Maple brand in 2020, metamorphosing Geely's petrol car legacies into the Maple 30X, a progeny modeled after the Geely Vision X3.

March 2021 heralded yet another metamorphosis with Kandi Technologies retracting its stake, bequeathing its 22 percent equity interest back into Geely's keep. Accelerating into 2022, Geely unfurled its banner in the form of a joint venture between Lifan and Maple, now known as Livan (Ruilan, 睿蓝). This newfound entity debuted with the Maple Leaf 60S, Geely's vanguard battery swap vehicle under the Livan moniker, a creation synergized with Lifan and sculpted in the image of the Geely Emgrand GL.

The Legacy of Livan Automotive
Livan Automotive stands as a beacon of ingenuity, born of Geely and Lifan Group's conjoint efforts. With its sights set on mastery over battery-swapping technology, the brand quests to carve a distinct alcove within the EV market, interweaving the legacy of the Maple brand with Lifan's innovative frontier.

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