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«MASSIMO» EV Producer

MASSIMO - Our pride and joy is our 325,000 square foot factory in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA in the city of Garland. This is where we offer some of the most sought-after and affordable UTVs, off-road vehicles and road vehicles in the industry. Our extensive product lines include a wide selection of farm and ranch proven utility UTVs, recreational ATVs and American style mini bikes. We work hard to continue to deliver one of the most diverse, quality and comprehensive product lines in the industry. Massimo prides itself on partnering with thousands of service centers, full line dealers and carefully selected retailers to ensure that every Massimo customer receives the best possible service and support. The shared passion of our customers has always been our biggest motivation in bringing products with good quality, good price and good service to the market.

Published on 13 January 2022

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